Beyond the Library

Books and [some] Media

  • If you want books from our shelves and the status says "on the shelf," please look for the titles in our library.  If you can't find something that's supposed to be on the shelf, please report this to Circulation as they will initiate a search and, in due course, list the item as missing.
  • If you want books and some limited media titles that our library doesn't have or that are out on loan, on hold, missing, etc., you can "repeat search in LINK+" to see if one of our consortium libraries has a copy for you to borrow.  See the tutorial for details.
  • If you can't find a book in our library or in LINK+, you can search WorldCat.  Go to the full record, scroll down, and enter your zip code to find out if there's a nearby library that has the book you want.  You can go to that library and use it. 
  • If you find a title in WorldCat and the library that owns it is too far away to visit, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan.  Add a note to your request to say that you've searched LINK+.

Articles and WorldCat-listed Books
  • Search in our indexes and use the attached PDF or HTML files.  If the index doesn't offer full text, use the SFX or "check for full text" button to see if the full text is in another database or in print form in our library
  • If it is not, you can "click" for "Interlibrary Loan."  The data will be populated in a request form for you, although you will likely have to add the closing page number for an article. 
    • NOTE:  The first time you use this service, you will need to register by filling out a "first time user" form.  Be sure to use your horizon email for this service.
  • See the tutorial for details.