E-Learning in CEAS

Welcome to the collaboration site for the E-Learning in CEAS professional development initiative sponsored by the Council of Chairs in the College of Education and Allied Studies. This is the place where CEAS faculty can download workshop presentation materials and resources, communicate with fellow workshop participants, and share best practices with other CEAS faculty. 

If you have a resource that you would like to share, feel free to add it in the appropriate area. This is a project by CEAS faculty for CEAS faculty. The more we can share together, the better our own online teaching practices will become.

For any questions about the project, contact Ray Garcia at ray.garcia@csueastbay.edu

If you have questions about this site, contact Corey Gin at corey.gin@csueastbay.edu or Tom Soo Hoo at thomas.soohoo@csueastbay.edu