Stephanie L. Molloy

Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Dept of Biological Sciences, California State University East Bay

My lab studies microbial water quality and aquatic biofilm microbial ecology.

We utilize molecular microbial source tracking with the goals of mitigating water pollution sources and the protection of public health for the users of surface and ground waters. We investigate the transport and fate of pollution indicator organisms and pathogens in surface waters, the deposition and resuspension of pollution indicator organisms and pathogens in sediments and biofilms, and the effect of water pollution (e.g. heavy metals contamination) on the composition and ecology of aquatic biofilms.

Courses taught:

BIOL 2025 Introductory Microbiology
BIOL 3405 General Microbiology
BIOL 3441 Biomedical Parasitology
BIOL 4413 Medical Microbiology
BIOL 4435/6435 Water Quality and Human Health
BIOL 6831 Graduate Seminar in Microbiology