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Research in Context

Biography in Context Database

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Opposing Viewpoints Database

Social Studies & Geography:
Countries - U.S. States - Canadian Provinces & Kids Editions

ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases
U.S. Government - U.S. History
World Geography - World History

FactCite Biographies

Grolier Encyclopedia
Grolier Encyclopedia

eBooks, video, & images:
TrueFlix eBooks
eBooks & video on Science & Nature, People, Places & History

FreedomFlix eBooks
eBooks & video on Social Studies

Britannica ImageQuest
Images you are allowed to re-useĀ 

Discovery Education Digital Streaming
Digital video for the classroom,uid&custid=s9892796&profile=eon
All our magazines...on your device!!!

GetEpic! Free eBooks for Elementary School Teachers & Librarians. Plays well with Google classroom & chromebooks.

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