We are Mathematicians!

Jack is finding the model that matches the equation!  Nice job Jack!
We counted by 5 s.  We watched the video about counting by 5s and then we talked about what numbers are on the list and what numbers are not on the list.  

Number Line Practice: we put two people on end points and then students were given a number and they had to figure out where to go.  Are you closer to 0?  Or closer to 10?

Are you closer to 10 or 20?

Math is FUN!!

Boedy's Rule for Subtraction: When you subtract, say the top number and then count backwards.

When we make a rule, we are really making a Mathematical GENERALIZATION
Matt's Rule about Comparing Stories: When you compare numbers, you subtract to find the difference (more or less)

Caroline's Rule for adding a one digit number to 10: When you add a one digit number to ten, it shows up in the answer with a 1 in front of it.

Jack's Theory of adding 1 to a double (this became a generalization when we found out it was ALWAYS true!): When you add 1 to one of the double numbers, you also add one to the answer.

Jack joined us for a game of TROUBLE!!

The Ladies of Math Lab all dressed in purple and black one day!  We didn't even plan it!