Ever wondered how to create a polished iMovie with your students?  Let us introduce you to video production that takes digital storytelling to the next level. Learn how to add cutaways, edit audio and finesse transitions.  Go beyond point and shoot to discover endless ways of integrating instruction and assessment!

Engage your students by incorporating iMovie into your teaching practice.  Digital literacy is an important 21st century skill, one component of digital literacy is media literacy as demonstrated through the medium of storytelling. Learn to make videos that take digital storytelling to the next level and inspire students with project-based learning. This dynamic learning method supports skill development in any discipline.  Media production directly supports Common Core English Language Arts standards for speaking and listening, and can support reading and writing standards depending on the production.  Learn basic camera audio and editing skills using iMovie. See examples of easy to do projects with students, more advanced film challenges, and interview assessments. Explore the benefits of collaborative film making.

Producers / Directors / Writers / Film Crew

Patti Tursi ~ Anne Wright Shank ~ Julie Rogers

Chittenden South Supervisory Union