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Search for apps with Quixey, a search engine for app finding. Quixey allows you to search by device, free or pay  apps, and function/subject area. It's a useful tool. huge clearinghouse of educational apps and review of them. This is a must visit.

Teach with Your iPad
--while the first page of this wiki looks simple, with basic introductory videos, if you click on the links within the text, you will find tables of apps by grade level and activities with apps and classroom uses. A very teacher-friendly site.

IPads in the Classroom--All sorts of classrooms. Created by Kathy Schrock, one of the country's best known school librarians/technology integrationists. She has gathered tutorials, related information, and lists of apps sorted by subject area and for regular ed and special education.  A comprehensive resource.

Apps in Education
--apps listed by subject area.

iPads in Education--a Ning of ideas and apps

APPitic--a teacher curated collection of apps, arranged by subject--constantly updated

--a directory of apps by use

Pad Camp wiki--full of resources and advice

Pad Camp blog--some other resources are mentioned

Assessment Apps (from Tech&Learning 8/11)

5 Innovative IPad apps--a blog post from K12 Mobile Learning, this teacher lists 5 apps that can change the way teachers and students work.

Apps and Resources for Administrators--not just for administrators, but anyone who wants to find better ways to do things.
--Chris is a social studies teacher in Virginia, involved in an ipad pilot project. He lists the apps he's using with students as well as apps for classroom teachers.

iPad Pilot Project-Palm Beach Schools
--This the umbrella site for the pilot project. There is a great blog of teachers and students using the iPads in the classroom. There are lists of apps by elementary, middle, and high school levels. There is a link for lesson plans, which is not very robust yet. There are links to articles about iPad use for education and information about the deployment of the hardware and apps for this project.

Best Apps for Kids--a site whose motto is "We play all the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps so you don't have to." Updated regularly with apps for kids and reviews of those apps.

100 Most Educational iPhone Apps--an annotated list of educational apps

Learning in American--iPad page
--wiki with many links to apps, articles, and other iPad information

Timbuktu--an online magazine for children.

iPad & iPod Touch Apps for (Special) Education

Occupational Therapy Apps
--article from Tech & Learning

A Catalog of iPad Apps
from Tech & Learning

iPad Stuff--a wikispaces page devoted to all things iPad--information, useful tools, apps.

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