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Mobile CSP

Welcome to our FREE mobile device App Inventor course

Course begins on July 7th, 2014.  Don't miss out!

This is an interactive course that allows participants to collaborate with each other and mentors in a way that stimulates creativity and professional development.  Participants require no previous experience in computer science in order to engage and succeed in this course.  This is a free course that gives participants all the tools necessary to teach younger generations to create mobile apps through the AP Computer Science Principles framework, including lesson plans and pedagogy. 

Computer Science Principles (CSP) offers a great opportunity to introduce technology to new generations of future professionals.  The knowledge gained from this course can provide students valuable information in selecting their career paths no matter what their career is. CSP is not just for the tech-savvy; many jobs now require some working knowledge of these basic principles.

MobileCSP Professional Development

Registration Deadlines

Explorer, Trailblazer, and Scholar: June 22, 2014

Scout:  May register at any point 

*Specific details about participation requirements can be found on the Participation Levels page. The schedule is available on the Curriculum page.

Course Goals
  • Create a sense of community among participants.
  • Provide useful information on the state of technology in the workforce.
  • Increase understanding of the CSTA K-12 standards.
  • Understand basic programming concepts using App Inventor.
  • Implement App Inventor curriculum with students, including assessing student projects.
  • Communicate using computer science terminology and vocabulary.
  • Understand computational thinking and computer science concepts.
  • Integrate computational thinking and computer science concepts into classroom practice.
  • Understand how to actively recruit underrepresented populations into computer science classes.
  • Understand how to implement strategies to support underrepresented students in computer science classes.

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After 19 years as an educator, the training I received from Mobile CSP transformed my teaching and revolutionized the way I approach curriculum design in the other technology courses for which I am responsible. The skills acquired in Mobile CSP are relevant for every teacher in our country who wants to prepare their students for the 21st century.

—James K. Veseskis