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Welcome message

Greetings fellow CSS parents!

I am delighted to embark on another year of service as Chairperson of CSSPTA, and I am pleased to introduce you 2020-21 CSSPTA Exco (Click to meet our team).

What is CSSPTA?
You are joining a remarkable community of parents and teachers. Our main role is to foster the communication and the partnership between home and school, and supporting students' all round development.

The dedicated Exco has been working closely with parents, staff and students to offer enriching program and various events for the community throughout the year, such as Parent Whatsapp Groups, New Parents Orientation, Welcome Party, Parent Seminar & Workshop, Field Trip, Uniform and Textbook Recycling Program, and Gift Making for community service.

Besides the events and activities to make the school life of our children interesting and full of variety, PTA will continue to support our students to challenge themselves beyond the school curriculum through Student Development Fund (SDF). Please visit the SDF page for application details.

How do you join?
Whether new or returning to CSS, you have automatically become a PTA member without due requirement!  

How do you help?
The success of your PTA is a result of your involvement and efforts; we simply cannot do it without you and your support! You can help in any way possible:
  • Participate in our activities and events!
  • Volunteers are always welcome! Please share your talent and skills to be our event organizers or helpers. Register here!
  • Don’t have time to volunteer? Consider making a direct donation to PTA to enable our many and varied programs to continue in support of our students. Give now!

What is coming up?
Parent Survey: In order to better understand your needs and expectations to PTA, we invite you to do this questionnaire (click here) to share your brilliant ideas and comments.

New Parents Orientation - 12 Sept A special event organized for F1 parents and all new parents from other forms. Separate invitation will be sent to all new parents.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact us by email to pta@css.edu.hk or meet our Exco members every Tue & Thu lunch time in PTA office.

Have a healthy, productive and fun year!

Bonny Yan
2020-2021 CSSPTA Exco