Sep 2017 [中文版]

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  • Chairperson’s Message
  • Flashback on Events and Activities
    • AGM and Games Day 
    • New Parents Orientation 
  • Upcoming Events and Activities
    • Welcome Back Reception 
    • Chop Program
    • Film Screening
    • Form Parents Gatherings 
  • Support for Students
    • SDF 
    • Parent-led CCA  
    • Support Community Services 
  • PTA Services
    • Recycling Program 
    • Join Us to Volunteer 

    Flashback on Events and Activities

    2017-2018 PTA AGM and Games Day
    2017-2018 AGM was held on May 27. We’d like to thank all members who attended the meeting to give us continued support. The Games Day afterwards was co-organized by the PTA and Student Union was also a great success. Students, parents, teachers and staff had fun together. We played football-in-fat-suits, Pictionary, Ping Pong etc. and also enjoyed the delicious hot dogs cooked by the parent volunteers!

    New Parents Orientation
    New Parents Orientation was successfully completed on September 9; a total of 63 parents attended this event. Exco parent members and their children shared their experiences through Q and A and group discussions on how to enjoy the school life at CSS,as well as on what parents can do to support their children in “CSS Learning Mode”.


    Recycling Uniforms and Textbooks
    The Uniform and Textbook Recycling Programme is a long-standing PTA service and has successfully supported the school’s environmental friendly direction and provided CSS families a cost-effective option for uniforms and textbooks.

    Over the summer of 2017, we raised approximately HK$11,800 for the Student Development Fund and other activities through selling recycled school uniforms and second-hand textbooks.
    The PTA wishes to thank all who have supported the program with your generous donations, the dedicated parent volunteers for their long-term and tireless efforts in managing the inventory and sale, as well as the CSS janitorial team who helps clean and move the inventory from time to time.

    This service is on-going throughout the year.  The PTA office is open every Tue 11:00am – 1:30pm (apart from school holidays) for students and parents who would like to purchase.  Please note that sizes and availability of uniform and textbooks are limited and varies.
    The PTA wishes also to call for your donation of good quality un-needed CSS uniforms and textbooks.  Please drop them at the School Office or outside the PTA Office at your convenience.  Please clearly label them as “Donation for PTA”.

    Please click here  if you wish to join our recycling team in the regular management of the programme.

    Community Services

    Join us to Volunteer
    We would like to extend our thanks to the CSS parent volunteer group who helped us out during these past years. Now we cordially invite new parents to join the PTA parent volunteer group and support our work within the school community. All voluntary work is recorded in the Social Service Record Book, and certificates will be issued to individuals who meet the indicated requirements.

    Parent volunteers are on duty every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm at the CSS PTA office.

    Please come and sign up, look forward to seeing you there. 

    Interested parents can SIGN UP HERE.

    Chairperson's message

    Dear Parents,

    The school has already started for a month!

    Is your child well adapted to the new school or lost in the transition from primary to secondary? Or is your child throwing him/herself into the preparation for public exam to enter university? Is your child enjoying his/her studying? Or Is your child just idling away his/her time? Anyway, what can we do as parents to help them prepare for the new school year? 

    Communication and guidance are always necessary while goal setting is also crucial. Here is my sharing on SMART goals.

    What exactly will you do?
    e.g., tell yourself to swim twice a week, other than to exercise more, which obviously doesn't work most of the time.

    How can you know you will meet the goal?
    e.g., read 30 minutes a day.

    Is it reasonable? Can you actually do it?
    e.g., I will not surf YouTube anymore. You are kidding! How about 30 minutes a day on 

    Is it important enough to put your goal into action?
    e.g., put down your phone and go for a gym! Obviously everyone need a strong body!

    When do you want your goal to be accomplished?
    e.g., I will read 3 books within ONE month. 

    So let's get started on setting SMART goals. You can do it!

    Catherine Wu
    2017-18 CSSPTA Executive Committee

    Upcoming Events and Activities

    Welcome Back Reception
    All CSS parents, teachers, staff and school board members are welcome to this social gathering to mingle, to catch up and to get to know each other over snacks and refreshments. It is free of charge.

    Event details:
    Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Date: September 22, 2017 (Friday)
    Venue: CSS School Hall 

    You can sign up for the Welcome Back Party here

    Chop Progam
    Chop Program will be in motion starting October12 (Thursday) after school lunch, it will be held every other Thursday.

    This is a new activity launched last year. It serves to encourage students to be a good student. According to their performance, they will earn “stamps” which are recorded in their School Handbook by teachers. Gifts can be redeemed at the PTA office using their “collected stamps”!

    Film Screening

    PTA will host a screening of a documentary film “Screenagers” in November; details are to be announced later.

    Form Parents’ Gatherings

    PTA will arrange parents’ gatherings for different Forms. Event dates and further details are to be announced when available

    Support for Students


    The Student Development Fund (SDF) offers financial support to CSS students in their pursuits to challenge themselves outside of the classroom. Last year, PTA approved and paid $19756.44 to fund various activities and projects. SDF is now open for application; please encourage your children to apply. The fund is there to turn students ‘passions into reality, whether that is a school-related activity or a project outside of school. Please click here for details.

    Parent-led CCA
    A group of talented parents have been running two CCA for students:

    Handicraft Club - Parents will teach students to make various kinds of handicrafts such as floral arts, icing cookies, decoupage, pressed flowers, jewelry, purse, aroma products etc. The products may be used for charity purpose.

    Make-up and Personal Styling – experienced parent tutors will share with students the tips for skin care, choosing the right cosmetics, practice with students the make-up and hair-do skills.

    If you have a skill and would like to share it with students, please join us as a volunteer instructor.

    Support for Community Services CSS encourages students to get involved in their communities. PTA offers opportunities for parents and students to work together to make gifts for people they serve.