Issue 10

Nov 2018 [中文版]

In this issue

  • Chairperson’s Message
  • What’s New
    • Donation Drive
    • Coffee Mornings with the Principal
  • Flashback on Events and Activities
    • Form 6 Graduate Sharing 9th June 2018
    • School Production
    • New Parents Orientation
    • Welcome Party
  • Upcoming Events and Activities
  • Support for Students
    • SDF (Student Development Fund) 
    • Stamp Program (Chop出好世界)
    • Parent-led CCA 
  • Parents’ Corner
  • Recycling Program
  • Thumbs Up to our Enthusiastic Volunteers

What’s new

Donation Drive

We started the donation drive to sustain funds for all-round development of our students and other PTA activities. We are so grateful to parents for your recent donations. Thank you! To make a donation, please click here.

Coffee Mornings with the Principal
A new program launching this year, Coffee Mornings with the Principal hopes to foster better understanding and to bring the CSS community closer through informal sessions with Principal Cheung. Please check your email from time to time as the announcement for this activity is sent first week of every month! See you in the upcoming sessions!

Upcoming Events and Activities

Stay tuned for more of our PTA activities, here are just some of the activities being lined up!

1. Joint Games Day with CPS (Nov 24)

2. Parent Seminar (Dec TBC)

3. Walkathon (Jan TBC)

4. Form Parents Potluck Gathering: F.2 - Nov 2, F.5 - Nov 22, F.4 - Jan 25, F.3 - Feb 15, MY1 & F.1 - Apr 18.

Support for Students

SDF (Student Development Fund)

Student Development Fund
Total annual budget for this fund remains at $60,000. The criteria for awarding funds for applications remain the same.  It is great to see that applications are increasing.  As of today there are 12 applications amounting to a total funding request of $21,250 from both individuals and teams.  The fund is open for year-round application on a first-come-first served basis. All students are welcome to apply for the fund to boost student development. Please encourage your children to apply!!!.

Stamp Program (Chop出好世界)
This school year's program was launched on October 4.  The PTA gift stall will continue to be open every other week on Thursdays. This activity serves to encourage students to be a 'good student'. According to their performance in class or at school, they will earn 'stamps' which are recorded in their School Handbook by teachers. Gifts can be redeemed at the PTA gift stall with their 'collected stamps'.

Parent-led CCA
Our Handicraft CCA is so popular that it is usually oversubscribed. Our talented parents have designed this wonderful program that is good for students: creativity, new skills, patience and enjoyment. Some of the products will go to charity.

Parents’ Corner

To answer the needs of parents concerned about key points and issues regarding further studies for their children, more information will be disseminated from time to time by the PTA in cooperation with CSS Admin to support the work of the Careers Department. 

Some useful links for further studies as well as other programs from the HKSAR Government are available below:

Thumbs Up to our Enthusiastic Volunteers
A grateful thumbs-up to all our enthusiastic parents who have been
volunteering in the services, events and activities that CSSPTA has been conducting all these years. We owe the success of our projects through our volunteers’ whole-hearted support!!

Chairperson's message

Hello CSS families and friends,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful break. CSS is having an amazing new school year, starting with New Students & Parents Morning, following by a range of events and activities to keep the campus abuzz: F.5 Induction Camp, F.4 Curriculum Pathway Meeting, New Parents Orientation, Welcome Party, Swimming Championship, Stamp Program, CCA Promotion and Signup, Lunch Concerts and more. 

The new Mobile Digital Device Policy is very welcomed by parents for its purpose to encourage more student face to face communication with peers and teachers rather than staring down at their screens. Great to see everyone is using gadgets smartly and properly! 

We suffered damage from Typhoon Mangkhut to our basketball stands and our beloved house trees. Fortunately, we got through it safely and reopened the campus in an orderly manner. Thank you janitor and maintenance teams for your quick action in cleaning up and repairing the school campus. Thank you teachers for being back to work prepared. And finally, thank you parents and students for your support. 

As always, the PTA continues our active involvement in the school life of students and our dedication to building up a friendly, communicative and meaningful CSS community. I am very proud to announce the celebration of CSSPTA's 10th anniversary. I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents, teachers and staff for serving as PTA EXCO members (current and former), for volunteering in the PTA and school activities, for participating in our events and activities, and for supporting us in many different ways. Thank you all! We could not have done all this without your support. 


Catherine Wu
2018-19 CSSPTA

Flashback on Events and Activities

Form 6 Graduates Sharing
Form 6 Graduates Sharing was held successfully before the summer holidays on June 9th.  More than 50 parents and students from F.3 to F.5 joined the event. Our F.6 graduates shared their experiences on how to prepare for their HKDSE and IBDP examinations, on how to make decisions on furthering their education, and on how to balance their intensive studies and their social life. A number of F.6 parents also shared their perspectives on how they supported their children’s education journey.

School Production
Our talented students rocked this summer with their completely amazing performance of acting and music. A group of professional parents also used their experiences and imagination to paint and sculpture wonderful faces according to the characters portrayed. The fantastic makeup made them even more brilliant under the spotlight with ultimate sparkle. Bravo!

New Parents Orientation
New Parents Orientation was successfully held on September 1, with more than 100 families attending. PTA EXCO parent members and their children shared their experiences through interactive Q&A and small group discussions on how to enjoy their school life at CSS, as well as on what parents could do to support their children in our “CSS Learning Mode”.

Welcome Party
Held at the start of each school year, CSS parents, teachers, staff and School Board members were welcomed to this annual social gathering to mingle, to catch up and to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere over snacks and refreshments. A total of 120 people attended this event and enjoyed a fruitful evening. See you again next year!

Recycling Program

A cornerstone service provided by the PTA is the Uniform and Textbook Recycling Program. The PTA office is open every Tuesday and Thursday 11:30am – 1:30pm (apart from school holidays) for students and parents who would like to make a purchase (note: sizes and availability of uniform and textbooks are limited). 

This summer, around $20,000 was raised for the Student Development Fund and other activities through selling recycled school uniforms and second-hand textbooks. To adjust for inflation, a small increase of $10 for each item was approved by PTA EXCO over the summer. 

Please come to donate and support the school’s environmental friendly direction, and check out our cost-effective option for uniforms and textbooks.
This service is on-going throughout the year. The PTA wishes also to call for your donation of good quality un-needed CSS uniforms and textbooks.  Please drop them at the School Office or outside the PTA Office at your convenience.  Please clearly label them as “Donation for PTA”. At the end of each school year, donation boxes will also be placed on each floor and emails will be sent to graduating F.6 and other students for donations to the PTA.  

The PTA wishes to thank all who have supported the program with your generous donations, the dedicated parent volunteers for their long-term and tireless efforts in managing the inventory and sale, as well as the CSS janitorial team who helps clean and move the inventory from time to time.

Let’s all give a hand towards saving the environment in whatever way we can!