Welcome! We wanted to create a resource for parents to find community resources, information on common parenting questions, ways to support your child's academic and social growth and some information about us. 

How to Reach Us: 

Carl Peckham, LMSW
Secondary School Social Worker at Red Hawk, Middle School, High School, & New Beginnings
p: 616-696-1204 ext. 6250
Derrick Freyman, LMSW
Elementary School Social Worker at Cedar Trails, Beach & Cedar View 
p: 616-696-1204 ext. 6189
Steve Johnson, MS, SPsyS  
  School Psychologist at Beach, Red Hawk, 
& High School
p: 616-696-1204 ext. 6123
My T. Lien, PhD, NCSP
School Psychologist at Cedar Trails, Cedar View & Red Hawk
p: 616-696-1204 ext. 6360