Established in 1960 the school in September 1996 Fifty-four years so far, a few experienced president committed to operating and staff and students, school quality These special, school reputation flourishing, is engraved with the education policy trend of the times, for forging cast into a new century school of excellence the school, and a big step forward.

The beginning of the school, the school called "Tainan Municipal Primary Girls' School", commissioned by the Tainan Municipal House staff on behalf of the six classes to recruit new students, the school allocated by the second grade students in regular classes three shifts, totaling nine, borrowed their classroom implementing double shifts classes, all commissioned by the school administration and do business.

In October, the provincial education department, led by president deployed Zhang Chi Long, the follow-up operation is carried out smoothly. The school's top priority issue, also the nuclear division of the Provincial Normal School student dormitories in Tainan (Tainan State today, according to the second highest female age) the reallocation of school use. Forty-seven years in March, the transfer of the first row of houses south division, the school moved to new premises before school. Initial personnel, equipment and funding are inadequate, dilapidated school buildings, but only crude, a little something home repair, Tsutomu be needed.

Five years, the Ministry of Education selected the school as the center of the province's four schools of scientific experiments, scientific instruments and books to enrich special fund to subsidize the device, with the advocacy of school, the experimental group, rather the effectiveness book, Bode praise and superior support, to establish the scientific school education rooted in the development of a sound foundation.

    School specializing in women's direction, create their own already established at the beginning of the school, 1968, after the government nine years of compulsory education, but also to maintain this tradition, until the 97 boys enrolled before the school year, school is the only city in the country Girls, unique. So, therefore, to school early development of the school, always make the family life towards the students the basic knowledge and skills efforts. Fifty-seven years to 59 years to three years, the school has designated as Family Feng Department of Education, life education and vocational guidance model schools, have established cooking, sewing classes and other family teaching equipment, at to achieve educational goals, benefit greatly from .

With the national religion policy, the school in Fifty-seven years, was ordered to rename "Tainan Municipal Zhongshan Junior High School", the local further education to meet the needs of rapidly growing class, school and hence can be quickly rebuilt or new. Who have now been completed: general classrooms eight sixty-one, specialist classrooms twenty-six, office ten, there are also natural science museum, Zhongshan Hall, library, conference room, lab teachers, classrooms and computer technology classrooms, construction of hardware becoming more and more.

Sixty-three years in August, the first president his tone, Lu Ming took over as principal star. Focus on improving the quality of students, beautify the campus environment, and create interest in reading, won sixty-three academic year of the province in the country the first test subjects, 67 second academic year.

Sixty-nine in March, Lujiao Zhang Rong transferred to the Taiwan Provincial Department of Education inspectors and bookstore manager, school fresh from the dean Chen temporarily. 12 December the same year by the Tainan City when he was Secretary of Education took over as president leaves Seosan. Ye Xiaozhang education to support rich, abide by the educational policies that foster round development of students, with particular emphasis on life, education, moral education. Of disciplines, skills subjects are found to be effective counseling, such as: enrollment rate increased; sports, music, art, calligraphy and other outstanding performance; seventy-three school year an additional dance classes. Ye Xiaozhang to school as their home, and for your leadership style, he served as the construction of Zhongshan Hall, Library, Science Museum and the construction of toilets, additional language classroom.

February of 1990, Ye Xiaozhang Wing Shing country tune in the city, by the principal of Chung Hsiao Zhang Xinsong take over the country. Professor Chang in the teaching, the use of community resources and beautify the campus environment etc careful management, greening the school won first prize in Tainan City, 82 school year won the green landscaping, Taiwan is certainly an excellent school, but also because of emphasis on traffic safety education, school will be assessed each year were excellent, 81 school year the Ministry of Education was awarded the "Golden Safety Award."

February 1998 there, Chang Rong back from China and Germany took over the school principal of Chen Haixiong, is the fifth president. Professor Chen Sperm excellent school, and actively promote open education with the present policy, and expand the computer, the information technology classroom equipment, to provide teachers and students of modern teaching and learning environment. Professor Chen educational philosophy has always insisted on round development, realized that the normal series of classes, the trend of multi-oriented education, both schools continue to promote the fine traditions, such as: mathematical gifted, academic and dance classes track, with impressive results; sports focus the development of basketball has long listed the six-strong forest of the country, many more expeditions abroad, won in the exotic.

"Ten years of trees, takes a hundred years", despite the change of personnel, education policy despite the filled history, Passing the torch of the century the great cause, then join hands in a professional and dedicated, endless, eternal always new.

Ninety years on August 1, President Chen stressed the Tainan National Marine Wing senior vocational schools, school by the dean Yang Yonghua temporarily.

February 1, 2002, article by the Tainan Municipal Renchen Rui Yin States Senate, Johnson took over as the primary school, is the sixth president. Professor Chen served as the first headmistress of Zhongshan, with its gentle and graceful nature of the concept of excellence in scholarship, leadership Zhongshan Road towards warm, refined, excellence and diversity and openness. English was established in 91 experimental classes, the school opened in 1992 issued the ban in 1993, established country music classes, language was established in 1994, gifted classes, and the addition of multi-language classroom. In addition to traditional basketball team, but they have been established track and field, tennis, badminton school team, so all areas of life education and success are bright. Professor Chen particular emphasis on sustainable campus environment, adding green school, life education into the 94-year listing of health-promoting schools.

95 years of dance classes named Tainan excellent evaluation, project evaluation Springfield won the second place, Tainan City, Tainan school transport overall championship spirit of the first, second title field events, in addition to the traditional martial arts and judo are also achieved great success. 1996 side door big banyan tree, "is unique in Court" tree house building opened to the beautiful campus increased an ecological learning, leisure and dreaming of the corner. 96 years, "the Ministry of Education Teaching Excellence Award" in the group of excellent primary state.

Ninety six years, President Johnson retired on August 1, Sui, the seventh president of the cis countries Guo Huiying president took over, Guo Xiaozhang school experience, look forward, either within the actively seek financial support, combined with community resources, year after year to complete all classroom buildings repair, roof reinforcement old school, old toilet refurbishment, 97-98 years, the Ministry of Education grant to complete the administration building demolition, removal of the site had been recently planted in the landscape lawn. Guo Xiaozhang for enhancing students' digital learning very seriously, for the update and enrich the teaching equipment is sparing no effort. In Guojiao Chang, under the leadership of the school teachers and students to participate in competitions, both national languages, English, science, law, music, art ... and other sports, impressive; the ball games and sports competitions are also proud of outstanding performance. Ended June Tainan excellent traffic safety evaluation was awarded the honor. Ninety-nine year to become the Ministry of Education to promote the hegemony Ling'an all schools, students peace of mind to provide high quality Zhongshan school environment.

In response to gender equality and the low birth rate trend, 97 school boys from the integrated, dignified and gracious for the fifty years into the classroom the other girls share a pure energetic vitality. Ninety-nine years old on August 1, Rong Guo Xiaozhang session back from Chongming Guo Hou Zhiwei president took over the dean, as the eighth president of the school. a