Washington County Mental Health Positions posted 2/7


SBBIS Case Manager #458BarreFull TimeDetails
Administrative Assistant / Floater #429BarreFull TimeDetails
Accounts Payable Clerk #1034South BarreFull TimeDetails
Home / School Behavioral Interventionist - Crescent Home (#1254) (#2031)BarreFull TimeDetails
Community Based Case Manager (#723)Barre and MontpelierFull TimeDetails
Family Partnership and Supports Case Manager #2231BarreFull TimeDetails
Residential Support Specialist (Hill Street #192)BarreFull TimeDetails
WRAP Counselor #615BarreFull TimeDetails
IT System Administrator III #1080BarreFull TimeDetails
Employment Specialist (#1479)BarreFull TimeDetails
Special Education Coordinator #2053BarreFull TimeDetails
Peer Support- Maple House Peer-Run Crisis BedBarreHourlyDetails
Residential Support Specialist (Arioli #118)BarreFull TimeDetails
Billing Specialist (General)BarreFull TimeDetails
Office Manager/Social Support SpecialistMontpelierFull TimeDetails
Behavioral Support AidBarreFull TimeDetails
Home Intervention Counselor (#758)BarreFull TimeDetails
Hourly Sobriety Support WorkerMontpelierHourlyDetails
Supervised/Assisted Living Provider & Behavior Interventionist (Evergreen House)BarreFull TimeDetails
Vocational/Community Support Specialist #1491Washington CountyFull TimeDetails
Community Support Specialist #1565Washington CountyHourlyDetails
Home Intervention Counselors (#728)BarreFull TimeDetails
Behavioral Interventionists - ChOICE Academy (#2039, #2076, #2171, #2224, #2225, #2189, #2226)BarreFull TimeDetails
Hourly Registered Nurse FloaterWashington CountyHourlyDetails
Clinician/Treatment Resource Coordinator #1315Washington CountyFull TimeDetails
Residential Counselor (Chrysalis House)WaterburyFull TimeDetails
Home Intervention part-time weekend RNWashington CountyHourlyDetails
Home Intervention Counselor Hourly/Per DiemWashington CountyHourlyDetails
#24 Residential Services Specialist (Arioli)Washington County Full TimeDetails
Residential Support Specialists - Hill Street (#77)BarreFull TimeDetails
Hill Street, Arioli, Bailey St. / Residential Programs Residential Support Specialist – FloaterBarreFull TimeDetails
Supervised/Assisted Living Provider and Behavior Interventionist - Crescent House (#1250, #1530)BarreFull TimeDetails
Residential Counselor (Single Steps and Segue House, #794)BarreFull TimeDetails
Residential Services Specialist (#122)BarreFull TimeDetails
SBBI Behavioral/Social Skills InterventionistsBarreFull TimeDetails
Hourly Janitor/HousekeeperBarreHourlyDetails
Behavioral Support Aid (#2210)BarreFull TimeDetails
Sobriety Support WorkerBerlinHourlyDetails
Residential Support Specialist - Sierra House (#1563)BarreFull TimeDetails
Residential Support Specialist (Hill St #96)BarreFull TimeDetails
Mental Health Clinician/Case Manager - ChOICE Academy (#2014)BarreFull TimeDetails
Middle School/IP Educational Instructor - Math (#2072)BarreFull TimeDetails
Home/School Behavioral Interventionist - ODIN (#1212, #1202)BarreFull TimeDetails
Home/School Behavioral Interventionist - Evergreen (#2215, #527)BarreFull TimeDetails
Home Intervention Counselor (#704)BarreFull TimeDetails
Positive Behavior Support Behavior Analyst (#2173)
Full TimeDetails
Home Supervised/Assisted Living Provider & Behavior Interventionist - ICAPBarreFull TimeDetails
Residential Support Specialist (START Program)BarreFull TimeDetails
Professional ParentWashington CountyFull TimeDetails
Residential Support Specialist / Floater (#1508)BarreFull TimeDetails
Residential Support Specialist (Awake Overnight )BarreFull TimeDetails
Residential Support Specialist (3 positions)BarreFull TimeDetails
Hourly Vocational/Community Support SpecialistBarreHourlyDetails
Hourly Residential Counselor (Segue House)BarreHourlyDetails
Hourly Residential Counselor (Single Steps)BarreHourlyDetails
Hourly Residential Counselor (Chrysalis House)WaterburyHourlyDetails

+ Administration
+ Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (Outpatient)- individual, couples, family and group therapies on an outpatient basis in a variety of treatment modalities focused on meeting clients’ needs.
+ Children, Youth & Family Services- community, school, and home-based services for children and their families living with mental illness, severe behavioral disturbances and autism spectrum disorders.
+ Community Developmental Services- comprehensive services for children and adults with developmental disabilities, autism and other pervasive developmental disorders.
+ Community Support Program- community- and residential-based services for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, trauma and co-occurring substance use disorders.
+ Intensive Care Services- 24/7 crisis intervention and assessment program for children and adults as well as brief theraputic case management community and residential based services.
+ Nursing & Psychiatry