Welcome to my Biology Page!

I'm looking forward to a great year learning about the natural world, and I hope you are, too.  Biology is my favorite subject to teach, and I hope it will be one of your favorite subjects to learn.

ATTENTION NEW AP BIO STUDENTS! If you don't have a copy of the summer assignment, email me ASAP! vvance@csisd.org

Why should you take PreAP Biology? - by Sandhiya Ravichandran

PreAP Biology Supply List
Students in PreAP Biology should be prepared for class with the following:
For personal use (bring every day):
  • A 5-subject notebook for biology notes and reflections
  • Colored pencils
  • Black or blue pen 
  • Some other color pen (for grading)
  • Pencils with erasers
  • Glue stick 
  • Scissors
For classroom use (please bring the first week of school):
  • 1 box of tissues 

Tips in Getting Good Grades in Difficult Subjects
I just came across an interesting article that might be helpful to you: Tips in Getting Good Grades in Difficult Subjects. Although not all of biology is difficult, there are a number of concepts that may prove challenging for you from time to time. This article has some great hints for success in this - or any other - difficult class.

About Edmodo
Edmodo is a secure, education-oriented social networking site - similar to Facebook - that our class will use for communication, links, and assignments.  Ask me for your group code and use the link in the left-hand column to sign up for a free Edmodo account.  Parents, you can have an access code, too - after your student signs up, your parent code will be available on their page - or you may email me for it.. 

Study Aids
There are any number of study aids students can use when studying for biology tests.  Several of my favorites have links in the left-hand column.  Edmodo is a wonderful way to collaborate with other students and your teacher.  Mastering Biology is online access to your PreAP textbook and study materials.  You will need to get an access code for this site from me.  Flashcard Machine lets you make your own custom flashcards online, or browse through a flashcard database for cards make by others.  Spelling/ Vocabulary City is great for vocabulary activities - you can enter your own vocabulary list with definitions, and then play games with them while reviewing! NeoK12 has great review videos and quizzes for various topics in all subject areas.  A really good site for developing various study methods is HowToStudy.org - I've linked to the page for biology, but this site also has information for other subject areas as well.  Create A Graph is a great site for making graphs for lab reports.