Students enrolled in art will participate in one semester, Fall or Spring. Activities include daily drawing, projects based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills .


 Welcome to the Oakwood Art Studio  ***********************************


At Oakwood  we  recycle  these  items to  make  wonderful  art:

Cardboard tubes from paper towels, toilet tissue or gift wrap

Kids Magazines such as: Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic for Kids ; and other appropriate colorful magazines such as Texas Parks & Wildlife, Boy’s Life, Texas Highway, National Geographic

­Containers: plastic  baby wipes, microwave trays, bowls, coffee cans or jars


Yarn, sewing trim, Buttons, fabric scraps

Maps and other interesting printed materials

Please send any of these Items for use in the Oakwood Art Studio. if you have something else you think we can use, send it or contact me-
Dr. Mindy Austin     764-5530