My name is Mrs. Lisa Edrington and I am proud to be a teacher at Oakwood Intermediate school. I am part of a wonderful faculty at Oakwood, as a 5th Grade Science teacher with the Tuskegee Golden TIGER Team.  
(OW is an AVID demonstration school for the whole Country, so our campus has selected team names to introduce our students to various college/career options for their future learning!)

Each year, I am truly excited about teaching at Oakwood. This year marks the start of my 9th year at OW and my twentieth  year in education!!!!

I began my journey with CSISD as a parent many years ago when my twin children, Thomas and Julia, began Kindergarten at Southwood Valley Elementary. I volunteered and worked on campus so much that the principal asked me to come back to full-time "paid" work. I was a 1st grade teacher at SWV for 5 years. I had taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade: Reading, Honors Reading and Gifted and Talented education, prior to being a stay-at- home mom with my children.

My return to the work world was amazing. Advances in Education and technology have made a true difference in the classroom. I have been teaching now for over 20 years and find each new year an incredible experience and personal challenge. I believe teaching is a calling and not a career. I look forward to each day and hope for the chance to impact my students' future.

Thank you for sharing your precious child with me this year!
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