Welcome to Greens Prairie PE!

Howdy! Welcome to Greens Prairie PE! In Physical Education (PE), students acquire the knowledge of movement and body awareness, as well as the skills for physical activity and different sports related exercise. The goal is to provide the foundation for enjoyment in physical activity and exercise, continued social development through physical activity, and access to a physically active lifestyle. Students learn to understand the important relationship between physical activity and health and hopefully see the importance of a physically active lifestyle. 

Everyday your child attends a 30 minute Physical Education class. Each PE class is a combination of 3 or more homerooms for a total of 65-85 students, with one teacher and one assistant. PE is part of the CAMP team - Computer, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Your child rotates weekly between computer, art, and music for 30 minutes, but attends physical education class every day for 30 minutes.

We will do a variety of activities that include skills such as throwing, catching, and agility; sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball; and games using equipment such as parachutes, bean bags, and hula hoops. Most weeks, our class will consist of skills on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Pony Express running on Wednesday, and a game on Friday.

 In order to provide a safe and supportive environment in your child's PE class we sincerely appreciate your help with the following:

        SAFE SHOES: Tennis shoes or sneakers that cover the entire foot are required for class participation. Shoes with rubber soles are required for safety. Your child will need some sort of tennis shoe every day. Sandals, and any type of boot, restrict movement, do not have the proper sole, and are dangerous for the individual student as well as the class. Safe shoes are essential in reducing injuries to toes and ankles. Please help keep your child and their PE class safe:)

        MEDICAL EXCUSESPlease provide a written note if your child needs to be excused from PE. For notes specifying “no PE” or to “sit out of PE”, your child will be reminded to sit inside or outside not only during PE, but their recess as well, as requested by you or your doctor. For notes specifying your child needs to “take it easy” during PE, the student will be encouraged to try the day's activity (or recess) with the option of sitting when needed.

        DRESSES: Please allow girls to wear shorts underneath dresses as to insure their modesty during PE.

We look forward to a fun and successful year in PE as we all work together to help your child and their classmates learn more about his/her physical fitness and health.

Coach Janna Nail
Coach Amber Magnuson