Read Aloud:  Identify moral lessons in well-known fables
Shared Reading:  Poem of the week:  The Monster
Reading Workshop:  Fluency:
Readers read in a talking voice.
Readers chunk text to make it sound smooth.
Readers use punctuation as a clue to know how text sounds.
Readers think about the meaning and ask does it make sense?
Encourage your child to figure out tricky words when reading by asking:
Does this make sense? sound right? look right?

Writing: Authors As Mentors: Writers study other authors' writing and use dialogue, sound words, strong words (synonyms) and similes

Grammar: Capitalize the names of people, pets and places.

Spelling: vce words (vowel-consonant -silent e usually makes the vowel long)
Practice highlighted words for homework. Spelling checks are given each Friday.

First Nine Weeks:
-addition and subtraction strategies
-problem solving
-review of time to the half hour

Science: Becoming a scientist; Science safety and tools; Forms of matter - solid and liquid

Social Studies: Citizenship/Community Building

Learn more about growth mindset habits:

Oct 21 Falconpalooza 11-4
Oct 24 Chick fil a Spirit Night 5-8:00
Oct 31 Fall Party 11:30-12:30
Nov 2 Picture Day
Nov 10 Sing along

Falconpalooza THIS Saturday 11-4
Rain or Shine!

Please label all jackets, water bottles & lunch boxes. Our Lost & Found is overflowing. 

Red Ribbon Week
Monday 10/23- Wear Crazy Socks
Tuesday 10/24- Wear a Team Jersey
Wednesday 10/25- Wear Red
Thursday 10/26- Crazy Hair Day
Friday 10/27- Falcon Spirit Shirt Day
Monday 10/30- Wear Camo Day
Tuesday 10/31- Book Character Day
Please save and send in your Box Tops.  Our school gets FREE MONEY for each Box Top submitted.

Friday is school spirit day! Wear your Falcon shirt every Friday.
Remember to complete the VIPS form on the CSISD site if you wish to volunteer at school or on a field trip.  It must be completed each year. (see the green font below)

** Check out the new PTO website**
Want to be involved? Connected? Informed?

Please complete the VIPS form if you wish to help out in the classroom or on a field trip.
 Report Cards: Report cards sent home every 9 weeks. 
A few things to keep in mind:
-Instructional Reading Level is on the report card.  It is the level your child reads with some support.  
-Reading Progress is marked as M or I.  
M=Meet expectations (reading at or above 2nd grade level)
I=Needs Improvement (reading level below 2nd grade level)