Foundations is where your children will learn life long activities to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to FOUNDATIONS, this is the second step to leading an active and healthy lifestyle behind Wellness 1.  We will cover a variety of Health related topics and participate in some lifetime sports.  Be ready to engage your mind and body during the next few months.  This course is a high school credit even though you will receive numerical grades it is a Pass/Fail credit for your high school transcript.

My Schedule is
1st - 8th Grade Athletics
2nd -  Foundations
3rd - Foundations
4th - Athletic Coordinator Period
5th - Conference
6th - Foundations
7th - 7th Grade Athletics

A typical week for us in Foundations is MWF activity days and TTR are book work days.
If you need to contact me please call the school at 979-764-5575
Tutorials are offered Monday and Thursday mornings. 

A folder with brads and a positive attitude are needed for this class.

Class Expectations

1.      Follow directions the first time they are given.

2.      Show respect to others and their property.

3.      Participate (both in the classroom and during activities)

4.      NO GUM, FOOD, CANDY, or DRINKS allowed in gym or classroom.  

                      10 points will be deducted  for each offense.



The grading distribution for our district will be followed:

                          Major Grades = 2/3 of six weeks grades (tests, projects,)

                          Daily Grades = 1/3 of six weeks grades (class work, and participation)