Keyboarding via Texas Tech

Updated: 1/28, 2017 -   
Students must provide the AMCMS Counseling office proof of registration prior to Aug. 1, 2017. 

Keyboarding (Touch System Data Entry) - Touch System Data Entry (Keyboarding) is available through Texas Tech Outreach Program. This couse is a high school level credit and is recorded on your student's transcript.

Texas Tech Outreach Program website:         
Texas Tech Outreach Program phone information:  Toll-free 800.692.6877

Questions and Answers (please note: at times Texas Tech may change their policies and procedures, please consult their website for the most up-to-date information.

How do I sign up for keyboarding / "Touch System Data Entry" through Texas Tech?  
All students/parents register online. Review the K-12 course descriptions at the following website: TTUISD CATALOG
1)  After clicking on the above link click on "High School Courses"
2)  Scroll to the bottom under "Electives"
3)  HIGH TSDE Touch System Data Entry" (same as AMCMS Keyboarding; found under "High School Courses"). 
The program is Windows based only.

Students must provide proof of registration prior to Aug. 1, 2017. This can be a receipt of payment for the course.

Do I take the Credit By Exam (CBE) or the course?
Students take the course.

Is this course completed online?

What is the time line to complete the course?
Texas Tech allows three months to complete the course. AMCMS requires current 6th graders  complete the course by December 2016. Students must provide the AMCMS Counseling office proof of registration prior to Aug. 1, 2017.

Does this course count as a high school credit?

Who can be / will be the proctor for the final?
For AMCMS Students only.
Philip Madkins 
AMCMS Counselor         
105 Holik               
College Station, Texas 77840
(979) 764-5575

What is the procedure for the final?
1. Parents request the final exam using the above information.
2. The online "code" that enables students to take the final is sent to the AMCMS Counseling office
3. AMCMS Counselor will contact the student / parent to set a time and date for the exam.
4. Final exam grades are sent to the parents and the AMCMS Counseling office. The counseling office will record the grade on the student's record card.

What are the County, District, and Campus Codes?
021     County
901     District
042     Campus

If you have additional questions please contact the AMCMS Counseling office or the Texas Tech Outreach website: TTUISD