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Aggie Philosophy Camp for Teens

For students currently in grades 6th though 12

Sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts, Department of Philosophy and the Department of Hispanic Studies, and the Public Partnership & Outreach, Office of the Provost at Texas A&M University


Dates: June 20-24

Time: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Information and registration: http://p4ctexas.tamu.edu

Fee: No cost

Dual language opportunity (Spanish)

Contact: Dr. Claire Katz, Camp Director ckatz@tamu.edu


Aggie Philosophy Camp for Teens will introduce students to some of Western philosophy’s most influential ideas and persistent questions. But you will learn so much more than what some old guys thought many years ago! Taught by Texas A&M University faculty and graduate students, the Philosophy for Teens camp offers students a transformative experience. Philosophy camp students will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on these big ideas, learn and practice critical thinking, and improve logical and creative thinking. Just a few of the big questions:

·         What is ethics?

·         What is friendship?

·         Do we have moral obligations to animals?

·         Are we free?

·         What is best form of government?

and yes, even the old stand-by…

·         What is the meaning of life?


If you ever found yourself wondering about these or similar questions, this camp is for you!


At Philosophy Camp, students will work collaboratively with faculty, graduate student counselors, and, most importantly, with each other to think carefully about important philosophical ideas, that not only appear throughout history and but also in our world
today. Expect to challenge yourself to understand better your own perspective and those of your peers. If you are interested in philosophy, or just want to know more about what philosophy is, this camp is the perfect place to start!


Tentative Schedule

Monday June 20 Why Philosophy?

·         What is philosophy?

·         Why should we care about it?

Tuesday June 21 Why Education?

·         What is the nature of education?

·         How do we know what is real?

·         What counts as knowledge?

·         What role does experience play in learning?

·         How do we become careful, critical, and creative thinkers?

Wednesday June 22 Why Ethics?

·         What does it mean to act ethically?

·         Why do we act ethically?

·         To whom and to what do we have ethical obligations?

·         What is friendship? (a harder question to answer than you might think!)

Thursday June 23 Why Government?

·         Are we free?

·         What is the best form of government? Why?

·         Why do we live in society?

·         What is the best kind of society? Why?

Friday June 24 Topic to be determined by students



Martha R. Green, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Public Partnerships & Outreach, Office of the Provost

Texas A&M University, Rudder Tower, 8th Floor, Room 806

1245 TAMU College Station,TX 77843-1245 Tel. 979-862-6700 
Email mgreen@tamu.edu Web https://ppo.tamu.edu
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