Frequently Asked Questions
Can my son/daughter carry cough drops in their backpack or pencil pouch?
No, have them bring the cough drops to the nurse office. They may come during the day and I will give them 1-4 cough drops to keep with them during class.

What about carrying contact solution?
That is OK to keep in their locker for immediate access. I also have contact solution and extra contact lens cases in the nurse office for students to use.

Can my son/daughter call me from the cafeteria to pick them up if they are sick?
NO, all students who do not feel well are expected to visit the nurse office.  After reporting to the nurse, the nurse will assess student and determine if student can return to class, rest, call parent, etc.

Can my son/daughter carry a Tylenol or Ibuprofen in their pocket and take it during the day in the classroom?
No, the medication needs to be kept in the nurse office in the properly labeled container with a parent permission slip on file.

If my daughter/son plays a sport, can they keep an inhaler in the coach's office?
Yes, however, the nurse needs to keep a "School Asthma Action Plan" on file in the office. If your daughter/son needs to use their inhaler any other time during the day, the nurse needs to be aware that they have an inhaler at school.