AMCMS Lady Cat Athletic Policies


           The AMCMS girl’s athletic department offers six athletic teams throughout the year: volleyball, cross-country, basketball, track, tennis and golf. Each student must have reliable transportation home after practices and games.

Code of Conduct

          Each member of our program is expected to give her best effort in the classroom as well as on the playing field. Athletes must adhere to the rules set forth in the AMCMS student handbook. All athletes are expected to act in a respectful manner and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. They are to treat all administrators, teachers, coaches, custodial staff and guests of our campus with respect. Intimidation of other students or athletes will not be tolerated in any setting. The coaching staff has the right to recommend removal of an athlete from athletics if they violate the code of conduct or Lady Cat Policies.


To participate in any of these activities (including off-season, tryouts and practice) the athlete must have a physical on the UIL approved form. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Without a physical, your child cannot do any form of activity. New physicals must be taken every year.  It is strongly recommended that a copy be made of the physical and kept for your records. Most summer programs and “club” teams require a physical. Having a copy of your child’s physical may save you valuable time in the future. If your child has any past medical conditions, please contact us ASAP and let us know. Also, please keep us informed of pertinent issues concerning your child’s health. The more information we have, the better we will be able to treat your child if a situation arises.  Also, all consent to treat/UIL forms must be completed online at


          To participate in any athletic activity, the athlete must have been promoted, not placed in the current grade. She must be passing all classes at the end of each grading period with a grade of 70 or above. If a student is ineligible at the end of the grading period, she is expected to participate in practices, but NOT in games. (This is a state law). A student may “regain” eligibility after three weeks if she is passing ALL of her classes with a grade of 70 or above.

Academic Progress

          If a student is not being successful in the classroom and has failed 2 6 weeks in the fall semester, she may be removed from athletics. In addition, for 7th graders, if a student athlete fails 2 consecutive 6 weeks in the spring semester, she will not be enrolled for athletics the following fall semester.


          In order to travel with the team, each athlete must have an emergency card on file with the athletic department. The emergency card must be renewed each year. These cards are to ensure that medical attention can be provided to your child and so we can contact you as well. Please get this information back to the coaches as soon as possible. If this card is not on file with the athletic department, your child will not be allowed to travel with the team.

                   When traveling to other school, athletes are expected to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct.  Any activity or conduct that may cast a negative light on the athletic program, AMCMS, or CSISD will not be tolerated. This type of conduct will result in a parent phone call to have the athlete removed from the site immediately and suspension from future off campus activities.

          Athletes ride to the game on the bus and we encourage athletes to travel home with the team as well.  However, we understand that situations may arise in which an athlete must ride home with her family.  In this case, you will need to see your daughter’s coach to sign her out before leaving. We will NOT allow an athlete to ride home with anyone but her parents unless prior arrangements have been made via email, written note or parent phone call has been made with the coach.



         Each athlete is responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from practices. All athletes should be picked up by the gym entrance on the Holik (West) side of the school. Practice schedules will be handed out and followed as closely as possible. Out of respect for your time, we will end practice on time each day. In return, please respect the Coaches’ time by picking up your daughter in a timely manner. This pertains to practices and games. Athletes that are continually left late after games or practice may be dismissed from the squad.


          Each athlete will be issued 1 pair of shorts, 1 t-shirt and a locker. Additional items may be issued for each sport. The athlete is responsible for the equipment they are issued. All sport specific equipment is due at the end of that sports season to move onto the next sport and  they must return the short and shirt issued  equipment at the end of the year in good condition or pay the replacement cost to the athletic program. Items not issued include: towels, sports bra, socks and tennis shoes.


           Each athlete will be issued a locker. Lockers should be kept locked with ALL valuable items secured inside. The athletic department will not be responsible for any valuables that may get stolen.  Athletes must pay close attention to their belongings to deter items from being stolen.  Please write down the combination in a safe place, as it is your responsibility to remember it. Do not share your combination with others and do not share lockers with others.

Dressing Out

                   Each athlete is REQUIRED to dress out in the issued uniform each day. In the event there is an injury, the athlete will still dress out, but not participate. No loose items such as jewelry, watches, hats or earrings shall be worn during athletics. This is to lessen the risk of injury to yourself and others. The hair must be pulled back into a ponytail.  Consequences will be signing the infraction sheet and doing bear crawls for infractions 1-3 then on the 4th 1000 yards will be issued on the 5th  a 30 minute detention, the 6th is a 60 minute detention then referrals for each thereafter plus the 1000 yards.


          Athletes should attend tutorials in the morning when possible. Tutorials are considered excused as long as the athlete has a written note stating the date and times from the teacher with whom the tutorial took place.


           There will be consequences if an athlete is assigned to In School Suspension (ISS) or (OSS).  If an athlete is assigned to ISS/OSS a total of seven days, then school administration and the coaching staff will decide on the return of the athlete to athletics.  If a student is not performing up to the standards set by our athletic policy at any time, then the school administrators and coaching staff can have the student removed from the athletic period.


          Grading will be based on participation and dressing out daily.  A semester exam will be given in December and in May.  A “0” will be given each day they sign the infraction sheet as a daily grade, on Fridays the cumulative average for the week will be inputted as an Academic Achievement Grade.


           Communication is crucial between athlete and coach. If an athlete is either sick or can’t be here, please email your coach personally and let them know. This helps the coach understand what is going on as well as preparing for practice and or games.  All information is updated on several websites