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                                                                         What is AVID?                                                                             

Advancement via Individual Determination

AVID Students are preparing to attend a 4 year college or university by taking advanced courses and building skills and habits that can lead to college readiness.  These skills and habits are reinforced in the AVID elective class. 

Top Priorities in AVID

Binders – AVID students keep an organized binder that is checked every Monday.

Tutorials – AVID students must be ready for group tutorial sessions by completing pre-work.  This pre-work is called a Tutorial Request form or TRF.  TRFs are due every Tuesday and Thursday at the beginning of the class period.  

Cornell Notes – AVID students are expected to take Cornell notes in their core classes.  What makes Cornell notes different from other notes?  Interaction.  AVID students should revisit their notes by marking, questioning, and summarizing over a period of 7 to 10 days to achieve a higher rate of retention.   These Cornell notes are checked in the AVID elective class.  

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