Welcome to the e-NABLE project at CSH! e-NABLE is an organization that pairs kids missing hands/arms with people who have 3D printers, who have volunteered to make them hands.  http://www.enablecommunityfoundation.org/.  (If you are interested in being matched with a recipient and creating a hand, please fill out the intake form on the e-NABLE website)

Students at UWM did a similar project, see their project write up/document attached below.

Convent of the Sacred Heart NYC (www.cshnyc.org) now has a 3D printer dedicated to the Upper School, and after such a successful pilot of the project last year, it is now a permanent part of the 9th grade curriculum at Sacred Heart! We will be doing the project again throughout the year, with a projected goal of making 22 hands.  Please see the presentation to learn more about 3D printers, the E-nable organization, and some past recipients!  Also check out the 'media' page for press we received in our pilot year.

A huge thank you to all members of the e-NABLE and CSHNYC communities for contributing documents, time, and resources in the creation of this project! 

About the project:

Beginning in October 2014 we were paired with recipients and throughout the school year made a total of 15 hands.  Read more about the process below.

Initial project start: FALL 2014:
We were paired with 3 initial recipients as a trial: Justyn (who is 16 and needed 2 hands made), Isaac, and Natanial who were both 6 and need one hand made- both of them had the use of their thumb (for more details on the recipients, see the powerpoint which can be downloaded from .zip link below). Each class was responsible for the proper measurement, scaling, modifications, custom design/color, printing, and assembly of the prosthetic hand for one child.  (Mrs. Lerch, Ms. Stephens, Mr. Peers assembled Justyn's second hand)

Powerpoint link to download    (choose to download it once the page opens)

Mr. Peer's Resource Folder  (click here for amazing resources…design files, pictures, tips, etc!)

Spring 2015: 
Hands were made in all Geometry classes, and seniors made hands as part of their independent project in engineering.

Fall 2015: 
The e-Nable project is a permanent part of the Geometry curriculum - all 9th graders will partake in making a hand.  7 hands made in Mrs. Lerch's classes 

Spring 2016:
Mrs. Latham completes the project with her classes, Mrs. Raynor, Mrs. Favarro, and Mrs. Park's classes will begin after spring break. 30+ hands made to date!

Oct 21, 2014, 7:42 AM