Landlord and Tenants

  • Greater Chicago Housing and Community Development Website - The Greater Chicago Housing and Community Development Website is designed to guide and assist researchers and analysts, comunity-based organizations, government leaders, housing and planning professionals, landlords, developers, property managers, grantmaking organizations, financial institutions, homeowners, homebuyers and renters. The website will make available a wealth of data and information about the housing environment in Chicago and other communities throughout the region.
  • Illinois Tenants Union - Today, about 8,000 tenants a year call us for information about their rights or for assistance with problems with their landlords. It is true that lack of legal knowledge is a major problem. However, the ITU also found that merely advising tenants about their rights was not enough. In order for tenants to be confident of success in solving their problems, we found it also necessary for a tenants� organization to actively assist them in exercising their rights.
  • Lawyers Committee on Better Housing - LCBH believes that all persons have a right to safe, decent, and affordable housing on a non-discriminatory basis.We promote the availability of and access to such housing and support low and moderate-income households in Chicago through legal representation, individual and public advocacy, supportive social services and education.
  • Metropolitan Tenants Organization - The mission of the Metropolitan Tenants Organization is to educate, organize and empower tenants to have a voice in the decisions that affect the affordability and availability of safe, decent and accessible housing.