What we do

The Asian Penguins exist to learn, to share, and to have fun!

We are blazing new trails in technology education by learning to use the Linux operating system for school, for work, for play, and for life. We share what we've learned with our fellow students and our teachers to help them with 21st century technology.

Armed with that knowledge, we reach out into the community by donating computers to needy families, helping to close Saint Paul's digital divide.

What Is Linux?

Linux is a computer operating system. This is the set of programs that actually runs your computer. Operating systems you may have heard might include Windows or Mac OS X.

What makes Linux different is that it is open source. This means that the operating system and the programs are available free of charge, and that users are free to use, distribute, and change the programs in any way they wish.

The Asian Penguins use Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the most popular version, or distro, of Linux, with over 30 million users worldwide.

For more information about Ubuntu, go to www.ubuntu.com.