Our Faculty Advisers

Stu Keroff -- Technology Coordinator

Hi! I am the technology coordinator here at Community School of Excellence. In the past, I was a social studies teacher here, and I have taught Minnesota History, U.S. History, civics, geography, African Studies (that was fun!), and a few other odds and ends in the after school, Saturday school, and summer school programs. I live in Saint Paul right in the neighborhood of the school, along with my wife and two kids.

I am also a long time Linux user, and I brought my passion to work, only to discover that there were dozens of kids in our middle school that wanted to join me in learning about and using Linux and open source software. I am constantly surprised and delighted by the ideas and enthusiasm of these kids.

I don't always know where this thing is going, but it has been turning out to be quite a ride!

Luke Burris -- Social Studies
The Asian Penguins have done many great deeds for the community, CSE, and around the world.  At the beginning of the school year I was asked if I would like to join this incredible group of technological leaders.  With much excitement I embraced the chance to be an Asian Penguin.  The Asian Penguins have many goals and are doing what it takes to accomplish all of the goals that have been discussed so far this year. A few initiatives so far this year have been Operation Upgrade, Haiti Connection, Laptops for Thailand, and community donation program

This is my fourth year teaching at CSE, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the many unique characteristics of the Hmong and Karenni cultures.  It has truly been a great step for me in my journey to become an outstanding educator. The director of the Asian Penguins, Stu Keroff, has led us all very far in overcoming the digital divide. Throughout this school year I look forward to continuing and increasing the donations that the Asian Penguins supply around the world.

 Jingbo Deng -- Mandarin Chinese and Math Intervention

Greetings from China! I am the Mandarin teacher at Community School of Excellence. I like learning new languages and new technologies. And students here at CSE have always been impressing me with their ideas, knowledge, capability, and leadership. I truly enjoy teaching our wonderful students here and learning a lot from them as well.

I am very excited to have been a part of the Asian Penguins since 2016. Asian Penguins are a cohort of young 21st century leaders dedicated to taking Linux into our community. Mr. Stu Keroff, the technology coordinator, has led our Asian Penguins from an after-school squad years ago to turn out to be a part of global community. We learn about open source, make connections with Tech clubs nationally and even internationally. We have donated Linux laptops to the Hmong sister school in Thailand, and I hope we will reach out to Hmong schools in China in the near future!