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Parent Teacher Conferences March 2017

posted Mar 17, 2017, 5:54 PM by Asian Penguins   [ updated Mar 17, 2017, 5:57 PM ]
March at Community School of Excellence means Parent Teacher Conference, where hundreds of families visit the school March 15 and 16 to talk to teachers, catch up with relatives and old friends, and visit The Asian Penguins table outside the Big Gym to get some candy and Hot Cheetos.

Just like last year, the we took referrals from teachers and staff for families who needed computers. We had computers ready to go, so that families who needed one could come down to the Penguin table to get one. At the table, we demonstrated to the family the software we installed, and then the Penguins would help carry the computer to the family's car.

And come they did. We had the biggest day in Asian Penguins history on March 15 by giving away nine computers. We actually ran out of completed machines! The next day, we worked to finish getting a few more computers ready and gave away three more, giving us a total of 12 for conferences and a total of 14 for the week (we gave away two computers at the beginning of the week). This ties our one week record of 14, which was set in March 2016.

The Asian Penguins reached another noteworthy goal on March 15 when we gave away our 100th computer! The lucky boy who got to take that home also got a bunch of balloons. We can count conferences this year as a success.

Here are some snaps:

Getting things set up.

Going over the night's referrals from staff.

Monolisa takes a turn as Tux the Penguin.

This lucky family got computer #100 and a bunch of balloons!

Good night from Community School of Excellence!