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2017-2018 Recap

posted Sep 2, 2018, 10:24 AM by Asian Penguins   [ updated Sep 4, 2018, 11:33 AM ]
We were a little light in the "Hot News" section during the last school year, but that does not mean that the Asian Penguins were taking time off. Far from it! Here are a few of the highlights from last year:
  • We started using the FLOSS Desktops for Kids curriculum from the Open Source Initiative. The FLOSS Desktops for Kids founder Patrick Masson counts the Asian Penguins as one of the inspirations for creating this curriculum, which is designed to teach kids about Linux and open source software. We were pretty excited when he told us that, so it was a no-brainer for us to adopt it. We will continue using it in the coming year.

    For more information about a really GREAT program that we cannot recommend highly enough, please go to FLOSS Desktops for Kids.

  • We set a new record in computers given away in one year. From July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 the Asian Penguins gave away 68 computers. Most of these went to the families of our students, but we also sent six to our sister school in Thailand. At the time, they had 45 students and NO computers. Our gift went over VERY well!

  • A blogger called The Linux Gamer put out a challenge in November called "Why I Use Linux Day", on which individuals or groups were invited to upload their own videos or posts to the web explaining why they use Linux. We thought that sounded cool, so we made and uploaded a video of our own:

    Our video has gotten over 1,000 views, so not too shabby!

  • For the first time, we elected an officers' board that was majority girls. While our club President was a boy (Evon), all of the other officers were girls: Vice President Elizabeth, Secretary Nari, and Treasurer Cailley. Also noteworthy, Elizabeth was the first Karenni student to be elected as an Asian Penguins officer.

  • As has become our tradition, the Asian Penguins marched in the Rice Street Parade. The dance team does the dancing, and the Penguins hand out the candy to the kids:

  • The Asian Penguins took part in TIES conferences not once, but twice. We took part in "The Playground", which is an exposition for student technology programs, at both the TIES Educational Technology Conference in December and at the TIES Institute in July.

  • The Asian Penguins continued our community outreach by presenting a computer to the Teen Zone at the Rice Street Recreation Center in May. The Teen Zone is a drop in homework and hang out center for high school students in the St. Paul area. At the time we arrived, the didn't have a working computer for students to use. The did when we left that day!

There's always more to say, but put simply, the seventh year of the Asian Penguins was a good one, indeed.

Now, onto YEAR EIGHT!!