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Club Officers 2016-17

President -- Chufue

Hello! My name is Chufue, and I am the president of The Asian Penguins. I currently am in 8th grade and I am Hmong, an Asian ethnic group from Southeast Asia. I joined The Asian Penguins when I first had the opportunity in 6th grade when I started middle school at Community School of Excellence. I am an all honors student and currently my favorite class would have to be social studies. One of my favorite hobbies is that I love to play around with computers, whether that be working on updates, finishing an online project, installing software, or to just play games. I think technology started to really shine to me when I was in fourth grade and wondered how everything worked inside of a game, computer, or electronic.

Joining The Asian Penguins has helped me answer some of my few questions about technology, but I really want to explore more about how complex things can be with technology. I think joining the Asian Penguins has been the best thing I have done so far.


Vice President -- Hoxeng

Hello, my name is Hoxeng. I joined the Asian Penguins in 6th grade. I’ve been in the club for  two years now. This year I am the vice president of Asian Penguins. I’ve been a mission leader in sixth and seventh grade. I enjoyed installing programs on desktops.

Some things about me. In my free time, I play basketball. My favorite position on the team is center. My favorite subjects in school are Math and Design Class. I enjoy learning about the different formulas in math. In Design, it is a unique class, the class is mainly technology and art integrated.

Treasurer -- Ezekiel

Hello, my name is Ezekiel. I live in Minnesota in a city called St.Paul. I go to a school called Community School Of Excellence which is a Hmong charter school with Karenni kids and Hmong kids alike. I like to play soccer, football, basketball, and almost every other sport. The School is long and boring, but I am in this club called the Asian Penguins. We use old computers by installing them with Linux Ubuntu software.

​T​he Asian Penguins are on Youtube and if you're lucky you might see me in one of the videos.​ CSE is the only charter school in Minnesota that uses Linux. We also got an award from the City Council in St. Paul.​​

The winter in Minnesota can get really cold (unless you live in Canada, Alaska, etc...). The summer can get hot, but at least it doesn't feel like a desert most of the time. While it can get really hot or really cold there are times where it feels great to live in Minnesota with all the cool things here. Minnesota has Snoopy statues because Charles Schultz (the creator of Peanuts) is from here. We also have the Mall of America. The Minnesota State Fair has a lot of fun and really weird/cool stuff like bacon wrapped on corn! A lot of places have things like these, but for me these things here make Minnesota one of a kind.

Secretary -- Maximus

Hello! My name is Maximus. Call me Max for short. I joined the Asian Penguins because I wanted to know how to repair computers because I kept breaking mines. I love animals such as dogs, fish, and hamsters. Some of my hobbies are drawing, rollerblading, and gaming. I have 7 people in my family including me. One of my brothers is in the Asian Penguins like me, but has more experience with the Asian Penguins.  

I love my mother and father because they are there for me and encourage me to work harder. One day I would like to adopt a child who has no parents and needs love and caring. My future jobs that I want are being a vet or an artist, but that might change in the future.