Welcome to Music at St. Raymond School!
A bit about Me.

**My name is Barbara Martin and I live in San Ramon (since 1996) with my husband and daughter. 

**My role here at St. Raymond School is to share information and musical 
experiences with all the students, PreSchool through the Eighth Grade.
**I've taught in two other Catholic schools, St. Agnes in Clayton, 1996-2000 and, long before that,
at Arthur Slade Regional Catholic School in Glen Burnie, MD which is just outside of Baltimore.

** I have been teaching music for 27 years starting in 1983.  I know that does not add up but, upon moving to California, I worked as a legal secretary in SF for 8 years. (I was a mediocre secretary at BEST!)

** I have a BS in Music Education from The University of Maryland (1982) and a MS in Music Education from San Francisco State University (1996)  I am a California credentialed teacher and am certified in 
Orff-Schulwerk, a child centered approach to music education.

** I have this crazy love of all things Rock 'n' Roll and to that end have found myself in an amazing touring tribute band called Fleetwood Mask!  I have loved the music of Fleetwood Mac since 1977 as a Junior in HS when the Rumours album came out.  I feel so blessed to be playing and singing the music of Christine McVie, one of my idols as singer and songwriter and to be playing with this group of very talented musicians.

Barbara Martin,
Aug 24, 2015, 4:04 PM