Welcome to St. Raymond School, located in the beautiful Tri-Valley city of Dublin, CA, next to St. Raymond Parish.

(left)   8th gr. CARITAS RETREAT/2018  

2018 Caritas
8th Grade is a wonderful grade to be teaching. Students at this age are lively, inventive and eager to explore their next chapter  . . . high school! However, they are still tentative and can be reflective.
     My experience with 8th grade began eight years ago, after teaching ten years in 2nd grade and three years in 5th grade.

     Right now, I teach 7th and 8th grades Language Arts, and 8th grade Religion. Both of these subjects can be closely related with writing and critical thinking skills. More importantly, besides academic teaching, I relish the opportunity to talk to young people about their faith. Faith enters our conversations daily. Opinions change, the status quo is challenged, and students are able to express themselves in a safe environment without being judged.
    My allegiance to Catholic education began when my grandfather made it possible for my sisters, brother, and I to attend Catholic school 1st-12th grades. My Ohio family is home to many relatives who taught in Catholic schools - aunts and uncles. All three of my own children have attended Catholic schools. I am now seeing nieces and nephews who have also chosen to dedicate themselves to the field of teaching. Teaching is a very satisfying career, and Catholic education is a ministry I very much enjoy with the support of my husband and family!