Boys' Basketball 
Game dates may change. We will let you know if they do. Directions will be sent home the day before the game.

Please be Respectful at all times during games.

All Games are across the Benicia Bridge. Please arrange carpools/rides to and from the games.

St. Peter Martyr Boys Basketball Schedule for 2018-2019
11/27/18, Tues.        SPM @  
St. Basil (Vallejo)
12/2/18, Sun.SPM @
St. Dominic (Vallejo)
12/5//18 Wed.                                        SPM @
Holy Spirit (Fairfield)
12/12/18 Wed.        SPM @
Notre Dame (Vacaville)
12/21/18 Fri.SPM @
St. Vincent (Vallejo)
12/23/18 Sun.SPM @
St. Dominic (Vallejo)
1/8/19 Tues.SPM @St. Catherine (Vallejo)
1/11/19 Fri.SPM @St. Basil (Vallejo)
1/22/19 Tues.SPM @
Notre Dame (Vacaville)
1/25/19 Fri.SPM @Holy Spirit (Fairfield)
1/29/19 Tues.                         SPM @    St. Catherine (Vallejo)
1/31/19 Thurs.SPM @St. Vincent (Vallejo)
Tournament, 8th only, TBD