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Grade 6

 Mr. Lozano is our 6th grade home room & 7th & 8th math teacher and will be updating this site. 
This website will be updated by Mr. Lozano, Mr. Anello, and Mr. Enea. The teachers will input assignments as needed. Mr. Lozano's 6th grade students will be responsible for writing their homework in their planners DAILY. 

***Students with missing assignments are responsible for getting their planner, signed off by another student without missing assignments and myself before the end of the day. They must also comeback the next day with the same planner signed by a parent/guardian. Failure to do so will result in missed recesses, make up assignments, etc...

Weekly Test Schedule. 
English Daily Worksheet Quizzes are on Wednesday. 
Religion Test are on Thursday. 
Reading Test and Math Quizzes/Test are on Fridays. 
Vocabulary (Spelling Test) are at the beginning of each week. 

Homework Assessments are collected on the given due dates. However our these assignments are given at the during the week and could be used as review for the test/quiz...

  • Journal of Writing Prompts will be checked randomly throughout the trimester.  
  • Reading Work from the book (TAI or WAI= Talk or Write About It, OfD= Open for Discussion, Comp Ch= Comprehension Check, Packs= Reading Topic Pack and Grammar Pack)
  • Vocabulary Work from the book (Completing the Sentence, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Choosing the Right Word) are due the first day of the week. In addition to any other assignments given for Vocab.
  • Math Worksheets (Lesson Problem Sets) are due the first day of the week, students may use the material on the end of the week Quiz or Test. 
  • Religion Assignments (Recall, Think & Share, Continue the Journey) will be checked on Thursday, notes and any other assignments will be collected as asked. 

 6th Gr.

Writing Challenges will be collected the day after being assigned, at least 1 page long. Journal Entries are a page long and will be checked randomly during the week
6th Gr. 
Math Lesson 19-22
Reading, Destination Mars
BW, Packs






 Social Studies

Science read/discussed articles on the cell


Students are responsible for at least 30 mins of independent reading, preferably from an book qualified for AR. (All students have to taught how to determine if the book qualifies as an AR Book.) They are also responsible for the practice of daily math facts. You are signed up for the Studies Weekly site. Just go to  and use your STAR ID and password.

School Activities!!!

Happy Easter!

4/20 Walkathon! 
4/28 First Communion 

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