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Grade 6

 Go, Martyrs!     
                                                      (Previous weeks' homework will be on classroom site.)
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This week's homework:





5 Fruits of the Spirit p.147
Recall p. 148
p. 148-C.t.J
and T. a. S.
Math S.81S.86S.93
 EnglishHow Do I Live Jesus's Teaching, "To Love Thy Neighbor"? (250-400 words)

Get entry form signed for your essay.


List 29 test will be taken in class by all students on Wednesday.
Fri: 20 sentences
Tues: words 3x
Study List and DOL 29.
Test 29

Unit 30-
40 words 5x each from lists 25-29   Due Tuesday.

 Social Studies

Science Physical Science 4 pp. 2-3
• Ditto for homework
Finish reading magazine


Parent: Sign and return Wednesday Envelope 
Keep track of how you accomplish your Lenten promise daily.

Mass is on Tuesday.

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