WCEA Accreditation Report

St. Peter Martyr School recently underwent evaluation to renew its WASC/WCEA accreditation.
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Here is an excerpt:

Chapter 1: Introduction

A. How the Self Study was Conducted

What process has the school used to complete the Self Study (schedule of meetings, timeline, involvement of shareholders, etc.)?

St. Peter Martyr School’s Self Study told the story of the steps taken in completing the Self Study. An initial meeting was held in fall 2011, when a leadership team was selected, as well as the development of a timeline for work. In addition, in order to accurately assess the Catholic Identity of the school, surveys were given to faculty and staff, followed by providing surveys to parents, school board, students and clergy. The Self Study indicates that the results were reviewed, including the mission statement, philosophy and refreshing of the Student Learning Expectations were made and agreed upon.

Faculty submitted drafts of their portions of the Self Study, written on prompts and data, and the leadership team reviewed the drafts in the summer of 2012. Refinement of this work was completed by late fall 2012, and the Action Plan was made based on the finding.

What obstacles, if any, did the school experience in completing their Self Study?

The Self Study noted that while this process was taking place, there was also work being done on curriculum mapping, and as a result of this challenge, the Self Study became the focus. It is also important to note that the process of writing the Self Study reminded the shareholders of the shared commitment to mission and gratitude for their blessings.
Marti ONeil,
Mar 13, 2013, 8:28 PM