Student Learning Expectations

A St. Peter Martyr School graduate will be:

  • A God-centered person who is able to:

    a. Live the Gospel through service, tolerance, and justice.
    b. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of Catholic doctrine and faith.
    c. Know how to pray and develop a prayer life.
    d. Recognize God’s love and appreciate God’s creation.
    e. Be part of a faith community and foster a relationship with God.

  • A conscientious and socially aware citizen who is able to:

    a. Demonstrate good citizenship and be a contributing member of society.
    b. Make morally responsible decisions which include loving and forgiving others.
    c. Work cooperatively and responsibly with others.
    d. Demonstrate self discipline and accountability for personal actions.

  • A life-long learner who is able to:

    a. Seek, use, and apply knowledge, skills, strategies, tools, and resources for learning.
    b. Demonstrate knowledge in all the basic subjects and experience the Fine Arts.
    c. Use problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    d. Develop an understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of self and others.

  • An effective communicator who is able to:

    a. Speak, read, and write appropriately, effectively, and clearly.
    b. Use tools, resources, and technology for communication and the exchange of ideas.
    c. Listen attentively and actively.

Primary Version:

A St. Peter Martyr student will be:

    • God-centered:

                a.  Love God, love others.

                b.  Know about our faith.

                c.  Know how to pray.

                d.  Appreciate God’s creation.

                e.  Pray together.

    • A good citizen:

                    a.  Follow the rules.

                    b.  Make good choices.

                    c.  Share with others.

                    d.  Help others.

    • A life-long learner:


                    a.  Try to learn.

                    b.  Share our talents.

                    c.   Do our best.

                    d.   Respect others.

An effective communicator:


                    a.  Speak,  read, and write clearly.

                    b.  Use technology.

                    c.   Listen to others.