Welcome to 3rd Grade!

My name is Rhea Juarez, and I’m so excited to begin the school year with you!  Together we will embark on an adventure filled with many exciting new challenges, lots of learning, fun, and growth.  

A little bit about me:  My journey as an educator began when I taught in a Montessori preschool, where I discovered my passion for teaching and being a part of a child’s learning.  I have been teaching for over seven years since, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to have worked with multiple age levels and in diverse educational settings.  For more than five years, I was the Kindergarten Head Teacher at a Montessori school. I have also taught at a Montessori charter school from 1st through 5th grade in Hayward.  

I am currently working towards my Multiple Subject Credential in the CalStateTEACH Program.  At the beginning of the year I taught a 4th Grade bilingual Spanish class, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed!  I love traveling and learning about other cultures and languages. I speak Spanish and Tagalog, and I would someday like to learn Italian and Mandarin!  I am passionate about reading and literature, which is something that I would love to pass on to my students.

As students begin their 3rd year, there will be no doubt many new challenges and newfound learning opportunities.  My ultimate goal for my students is to instill an understanding and appreciation of a growth mindset. In all curriculum areas, whether it’s Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science, Art— there will be a breadth of new knowledge and skill set to be gained; but ultimately, the path to mastery of any skill is dedication and learning from one’s mistakes.  

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns.

I look forward to a wonderful school year with all of you!

Mrs. Rhea Juarez