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My name is Mr. Titor, and am currently in my 26th year of teaching in New Britain. I attended the University of Connecticut, from which I received my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education in 1988. I continued my studies at Southern Connecticut State University, earning a Master's Degree in Special Education/Learning Disabilities in 1999.


Contacting Me

The best way to reach me is through my school email address at titorm@csdnbstaff.org. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours to your message. In case of an emergency, I may be reached by phone at 860-225-6300 ext. 3640.


Brief Course Description

This year’s U.S. History course will trace the growth of the United States after the tumultuous time of the Civil War. We will begin our studies by investigating the factors that led to the establishment of the United States as a great industrial and technological nation. How did resources, new technologies, immigration, and the growth of cities affect the lives of Americans then and now?
History becomes more relevant to us when we connect past events to the present. In this course, we will examine historical events through the eyes of the people who experienced them. We will learn the critical thinking skills necessary to examine these events so that we can become responsible and informed decision makers today.
As we continue through the year, we will discuss how America became a world power and the continuing challenges that face us in that role today. What lessons can we learn from the past to meet the challenges of a living in today’s global society? How can we become more involved in shaping the future?

Why Study History?