Schedule Week of 1/30

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Here is next week's schedule

Schedule - Week of 2/22

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Here is this weeks schedule :)

Rehearsal Schedule Week of 2/1

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Here is the schedule for this week :)

Tuesday, Feb 2nd                     2:30-3:15 Music Rehearsal               Emmett, Aaron, Enid,

                                                Harvard Variations                                Padamadan, Warner,

Blood in the Water                                Whitney, Vivienne,

                                                Serious (Reprise)                                    Elle, Calahan, Gio Cirinna*,

                                                                                                            Robbie Breau*, Isaiah Boria*,

                                                                                                            Margaret Keithline*,

Zoe Hyres-Buley*, Leah Gaffney*,

Maribel Navarro*                                                         


                                                  3:15-4:30 Blocking Rehearsal           SAME AS ABOVE

Scene 5 pp. 30-35                                  

                                                            (Blood in the Water)

Scene 6 pp. 36-37                                  

Scene 8 pp. 48-52                                  

                                                            (Serious Reprise)


Wednesday, Feb 3rd                 5:30-8:30 Blocking Rehearsal           Elle, Pilar, Margot, Serena,

Scene 6 pp. 37-42                                   Delta Nus, Paulette, Vivienne,

                                                            (Positive)                                   Whitney

Scene 7 pp. 43-47                                  

                                                            (Ireland, Ireland Reprise)


Thursday, Feb 4th                    5:30-8:30 Blocking Rehearsal          Elle, Pilar, Margot,

Scene 8 pp. 52-64                                          Serena, Delta Nus,

          (Chip on My Shoulder)                 Emmett, Paulette,

                                                            Dewey, Enid, Whitney,

Scene 9 pp. 65-71                                   Padamadan, Vivienne,

          (Elle Reflects/So Much Better)       Aaron, Warner, Calahan,



*From here on, this group of people will be referred to as Students when called to rehearsal.

First Dance Rehearsal on Saturday

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DANCERS: You will have your (new) first rehearsal with Miss Chris this Saturday, January 30th, at 1:30PM downtown at the YWCA. 

Rehearsal Schedule: Week of 1/25

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Here is the rehearsal s hedge for next week.

Tuesday, Jan 26th                    3:00-6:00 Blocking Rehearsal           Elle, Margot, Pilar,

                                                Scene 1 pp. 1-8                                      Serena, Kate, Leilani,

                                                            (Omigod You Guys)                    Gaelen, Delta Nus,

Scene 2 pp. 9-12                                Salesgirl, Store Manager,

                                                            (Serious)                                        Warner

Scene 3 pp. 13-14                                  

                                                            (Daughter of ∆N)



Wednesday, Jan 27th               5:30-8:30 Music Rehearsal               Full Named Cast

Review & Run Act 1                      (Treble Choir & Concert Choir Ensemble

                                                          Not required but welcome!)



Thursday, Jan 28th                   5:30-8:30 Blocking Rehearsal          Elle, Pilar, Margot,

Scene 4 pp. 15-25                           Serena, Kate, Delta Nus,

          (What You Want)                         Elles Dad, Elles Mom,

                                                            Grandmaster Chad,

Scene 5 pp. 26-30                                   Winthrop, Lowell,

          (Harvard Variations)                    Pforzheimer, Ensemble,

                                                            Emmett, Aaron, Enid,

                                                            Padamadan, Whitney,

                                                            Warner, Vivienne

Revised Rehearsal Schedule for Next Week

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All right, here is the first schedule change of the year! LOL 

Please disregard any previous schedule and follow this one :) 

Tuesday, Jan 19th              2:30-4:30 Music Rehearsal                                 Elle, Margot, Pilar,

                                             Omigod You Guys                                                              Serena, Kate, Leilani,

                                             Positive                                                                               Gaelen, Delta Nus,

                                             So Much Better                                                                   Salesgirl, Store Manager

Wednesday, Jan 20th       5:30-7:00 Music Rehearsal                                Delta Nus, Aaron, Enid,

                                              Harvard Variations                                                            Padamadan, Whitney,

                                              Daughter of Delta Nu                                                        Warner, Vivienne


                                       7:00-8:30 Music Rehearsal                               Paulette, Callahan


                                               Blood in the Water

Thursday, Jan 21st              *3:00-5:00 Music Rehearsal                               Elle, Pilar, Margot,

                                               What You Want                                                                 Serena, Kate, Delta Nus,

                                                                                                                                         Elle’s Dad, Elle’s Mom,

                                                                                                                                         Grandmaster Chad,

                                                                                                                                         Winthrop, Lowell,

                                                                                                                                         Pforzheimer, Ensemble

                                        5:00-6:00 Music Rehearsal                               Elle, Emmett, Delta Nus,

                                                Serious                                                                             Pilar, Serena, Margot,

                                                Chip on My Shoulder                                                       Warner


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First Dance Rehearsal

posted Jan 12, 2016, 6:26 AM by Jason Ferrandino

Miss Chris will be having the first meeting/rehearsal for Legally Blonde dancers on Saturday 1/23 from 1:30-2:30 at the YWCA.


posted Jan 12, 2016, 6:25 AM by Jason Ferrandino

Good morning!!!!!

Just a brief reminder that we will be having our first rehearsal tomorrow from 1-3PM in the aud. Because of the half day the time has been changed from what it says on the master schedule.


Legally Blonde Meeting

posted Dec 1, 2015, 8:41 AM by Jason Ferrandino


We will be having our initial Cast meeting this Thursday, December 3rd from 6-8 PM in the Lecture Hall.

You will receive your scripts, get measured, and we will take a look at a few clips as well as my set designs and ideas (and if all goes well the final poster will be unveiled!!!)

Mr. F.

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