AP Extra Credit Assignments

The following page provides links to a series of online  National Archive activities that can be done as extra credit. Students may only complete extra credit assignments when all regularly given assignments are completed. Students may complete up to four assignments during first and second quarters and two during third and fourth quarters. Assignments must demonstrate their best work in order to receive credit. Each extra credit assignment can be completed only once and each  is worth five points.


Finding American Symbols - http://docsteach.org/activities/69

Road to Revolution: Patriotism or Treason? - http://docsteach.org/activities/19

To Sign or Not to Sign - http://docsteach.org/activities/64

We the People - http://docsteach.org/activities/68

Expansion of the United States - http://docsteach.org/activities/1372

People Who Played Roles Leading to the Civil War - http://docsteach.org/activities/4340

Comparing Civil War Recruitment Posters - http://docsteach.org/activities/21

Justifying the Suspension of Habeas Corpus - http://docsteach.org/activities/168

Reconstruction and the KKK - http://docsteach.org/activities/4658

Child Labor http://docsteach.org/activities/1016
America: Land of Opportunity? http://docsteach.org/activities/2464
Inventions: Making Connections http://docsteach.org/activities/1127
Immigration: Liberty's Promise Fulfilled? http://docsteach.org/activities/1448
The Progressive Era (answer questions on I'm Done page only.) http://docsteach.org/activities/982
WWI: US Impact at Home http://docsteach.org/activities/2163
Extending Suffrage to Women http://docsteach.org/activities/62
The Women's Suffrage Movement http://docsteach.org/activities/1808
Prohibition: Success or Failure http://docsteach.org/activities/3014 
Interpreting Pictures: The Great Depression http://docsteach.org/activities/3073
The Great Depression and Of Mice and Men http://docsteach.org/activities/3203
Where Was the New Deal? http://docsteach.org/activities/74
Eisenhower's D-Day Letter http://docsteach.org/activities/2283
World War II Propaganda http://docsteach.org/activities/2461
Norman Rockwell's Art as Propaganda http://docsteach.org/activities/3128
Japanese Internment: Was it Fair? http://docsteach.org/activities/2422
Women, work, and WWII: Weighing the Options http://docsteach.org/activities/1886