Effective January 4, 2013, Cartwright is moving from FirstClass email to Gmail and Google Apps for Education. Official information can be viewed below.
  • Gmail is the only Google application that is being adopted district wide at this time. Site administrators may elect to adopt more Google Apps based on school-site needs. 
  • Educational Services resources (teaching and learning folders) hosted on FirstClass will be accessible through the end of the 2012-13 school year. Teaching and learning folders will be moved to Google Drive before the start of the next school year.
  • The classifieds folder will also remain on FirstClass until the end of this school year. We are diligently working on an alternative.
  • For information on who will support you through the transition process, please see the support structure.
  • Campuses have been enabled to use Gmail, Drive/Docs and Calendar. More apps will become available at a later time.
  • For a list of apps currently available to you, please login to your Google account and go to http://www.google.com/intl/en/about/products/
  • Google will continuously change the Gmail interface through time and that’s okay. Any large changes to Gmail will come with official district support and resources.
  • Gmail 25/25: Gmail can handle up to 25 GB of emails. Each email has a 25 MB limit. 25MB is roughly one 6-9 minute standard definition video. 99% of emails are under that limit.
Coming soon:
  • The Technology Support Department is handling the following (ext. 4052) and will communicate information to all staff.  Once the information is made available, it will be added to this website.
    • District assigned groups (crisis team, all staff, district office, etc.)
    • Sending process for transferring email and calendar from FirstClass
    • Browser and operating-system requirements

For Current Google Users, Trainers or the Curious:
We know many staff members are already using Google apps. Here's some more information for you:
  • iTecs and CATS that have attended the official Google training will have access to the whole suite of Google Apps for Education contingent on responsible use. Please see staff handbook for more information. 
  • More apps will become available contingent on training offered to all staff via GoSignMeUp in 2013.
  • Student email will not be available to anyone, including iTecs and CATS, until they have attended training that will be offered in 2013.

                   Welcome to Google Apps for Education: