Coming Up in 7th Grade Physical Education/Health Class:

Health - Body Systems Unit

Mon. 3/20 Body Systems Project Research
Tues. 3/21 Body System Project Research
Wed. 3/22 Body System Presentations
Thurs. 3/23 Body System Presentations
Fri. 3/24 Body System Presentations

Coming up:

Spring Break
Health - Finish Body Systems Presentations

Track Competition Results:

Every other Thursday students run as many laps as they can in 12 minutes on the park district's indoor track above our gym. The class with the best average for the trimester wins a field trip to Brunswick Zone in the spring. Second period is the winner for first trimester with a cumulative average of 10.9 laps per student! First period is the winner for second trimester with an average of 9.91 laps per student. Thank you to our parent track volunteers! 

Track Volunteer Calendar 2016-2017

New this year: Fitness Testing

Students in the state of Illinois are now required to do fitness testing. This will not be a part of the students' grades but will be used to set and work toward fitness goals. Seventh grade results will be sent to the state in the spring. We have completed pretesting to get students acquainted with the tests used, and we will continue to train for and practice these tests during the school year. Tests required are the curl-ups (similar to traditional sit-ups testing muscular endurance), push-ups (testing muscular strength), sit and reach (testing flexibility), and PACER test (testing aerobic endurance). Besides the training we will be doing during PE classes, it is recommended that students also practice curl-ups, push-ups, planks, running, and stretching in their free time to improve and score in the Healthy Fitness Zone this spring. 

Components of Fitness

Fitness Plan Survey