The Technology Department covers the subject areas of Technology, Graphics and Trade Skills. We encourage innovation both in terms of creating products and in the use and application of the Design Process.

Technology can open some real opportunities for you. Popular pathways taken by recent students have included Product Design Degrees, Qualifications in Architecture, Engineering Degrees and Trade based qualifications.

Even if you choose to take other subjects in the Upper School, taking Technology in the Lower School can help you learn how communicate your ideas effectively, how to present your work, how to design, plan and manage time effectively and how to generate ideas.

This site has been made to help you in your studies in Technology.

What we do...

In the Upper School students study Trade Skills Engineering, Joinery and Graphics.

During Year 11, students learn both metal and wood skills together. During Year 12, students use either one material or the other.

During Year 13, we try to combine both Trade skills classes in order to achieve a really strong skills base.

In the Lower School students are given a wide range of skills to master. These are learned alongside units on the Design Process.

Evaluating Seating Designs

These photos show Year 11 Graphics students evaluating seating designs as they work towards AS91068

What's happening in the Department?

  • We have started designing and making a land yacht. Anyone can be involved, either in designing or in manufacture. Have a look at the land yacht web site!
  • We have ordered some Arduino parts for students to experiment with. If you like computer hardware and have some interest in software and in robots - this could be for you! Technology web Site Arduino Page
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