BI project: P4E

"Performance Management for Higher Education (P4E): the INFOMBIN running assignment"

This page describes the Performance Management for Higher Education (P4E) running assignment within the Business Intelligence (INFOMBIN) course of the Master Business Informatics (MBI) programme at Utrecht University (UU). 

The week-by-week description can be found in the INFOMBIN assignment document.


The P4E assignment is executed in teams of three students each. Teams are formed in Workshop 01 based on electronically submitted applications. The course team is responsible for well-balanced teams and combines technical and business expertise where possible.


P4E is performed in the Jedox “Self-Service Business Intelligence & Performance Management” environment. Each student team needs a Windows laptop with Microsoft Excel, plus the locally installed Jedox Premium software which contains the Jedox Excel Add-In that serves as the user interface for the P4E running assignment. You will receive a temporary Jedox Premium license at the start of the crash course in Workshop 01: Introduce Jedox. The permanently free Jedox Base software is not recommended during the course because of lacking functionality that you’ll want to use throughout the course such as interactive charting. Additionally, a shared datawarehouse runs on a Virtual Machine (VM) within the UU Science faculty which can host live copies of the projects.


It is required that you have completed the Jedox crash course before the start of this assignment, so that you are already familiar with the basics of dimensional data modeling and dashboarding in the BI tool. Furthermore, the login credentials you received for the VM during the crash course also need to be used throughout this assignment.


The P4E assignment is structured similar to the Social Network Intelligence Process (SNIP) method shown on the right of this page, which is, in itself, an operationalisation of the conceptual BI layers overview shown as our course logo in the top left of this page. For more information on the SNIP BI process, please read the following recommended paper:
  • Wasmann,M., & Spruit,M. (2012). Performance Management within Social Network Sites: The Social Network Intelligence Process Method. International Journal of Business Intelligence Research, 3(2), April-June 2012, 49–63. [pdf] [online]
The SNIP method as the P4E guideline.