Welcome to CS 686 Program Instrumentation and Analysis

Thu May 20 2010

Thu May 13 2010
  • State Capture Recap.  I will give an overview of what we have learned this semester and what it means for the future of state capture systems.  I encourage you to also reflect on the material we covered this semester and bring your conclusions and thoughts to the discussion.

Tue May 11 2010
  • Guest Lecture: Replay Solutions (
    • Alvin Richards (Director, Customer Success)
    • Suman Cherukuri (Director of Engineering)

Thu May 6 2010
  • Final Project Consultations from 3:30pm to 7:15pm
  • I will meet with each group individually to discuss your project so far.  Try to have as much done as possible by Thursday and be ready to discuss what you plan to finish.
  • See the consultation schedule.

Tue May 4 2010
  • Paper 11: PinPlay: A Framework for Deterministic Replay and Reproducible Analysis of Parallel Programs by H. Patil, C. Pereira, M. Stallcup, G. Lueck, and J. Cownie. (ACM)

Thu Apr 29 2010
  • Paper 10: Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multithreaded Programs by S. Savage, M. Burrows, G. Nelson, P. Sobalvarro, and T. Anderson. (ACM)

Tue Apr 27 2010
  • Paper 9: RecPlay: A Fully Integrated Practical Record/Replay System by M. Ronsse and K. De Bosschere.  (ACM).  You will need to download this paper from a USF IP address.

Thu Apr 22 2010
  • Paper 8: Deterministic Replay of Java Multithreaded Appplications by JD Choi and H. Srinivasan. (PS)  Also see PDF below.

Tue Apr 20 2010
  • Paper 7: SuperPin: Parallelizing Dynamic Instrumentation for Real-Time Perforamance by S. Wallace and K. Hazelwood. (PDF)

Thu Apr 15 2010
  • Paper 6: Pin: Building Customized Program Analysis Tools with Dynamic Instrumentation by C. Luck, R. Cohn, R. Muth, H. Patil, A. Klauser, G. Lowney, S. Wallace, V. J. Reddi, and K. Hazelwood.  (PDF) You will need to download the PDF from a USF computer.  USF has an institutional subscription to the ACM digital library.  You can also get it here.
  • This is the original Pin paper and will be a good starting point.

Tue Apr 13 2010
  • Midterm answers
  • Project 3 discussion

Thu Apr 8 2010
  • Guest lecture: Prashant Deva

    Chronon: Time Travelling Debugger

    Chronon can record the entire execution of a Java program and save it to disk thus eliminating the need to ever reproduce any bug. A special record viewer allows you to jump at various points in your program's execution and see the state of the program almost like a time travelling debugger.

    There will be a demo and discussion.

Tue Apr 5 2010

Tue Mar 29 2010
  • MIDTERM (sample from CS 636 Graduate Operating Systems)

Thu Mar 25 2010
  • Paper 5: Reverse Execution of Java Bytecode by Jonathon  J. Cook (PDF)

Thu Mar 10 2010
  • Paper 4: Flashback: A Lightweight Extension for Rollback and Deterministic Replay for Software Debugging (2004) by S. M. Srinivasan, S. Kandula, C. R. Andrews, and Y. Zhou.  (HTML, PDF)

Tue Mar 9 2010
  • Paper 3: Decoupling Dynamic Program Analysis from Execution in Virtual Environment (2008) by Jim Chow, Tal Garfinkel, and Peter Chen.  (Abstract, PDF)

Thu Mar 4 2010
  • Paper 2: Debugging Reinvented: Asking and Answering Why and Why Not Questions about Program Behavior (2008) by A. J. Ko and B. A. Myers. (PDF, website).

Tue Mar 2 2010
  • Contest results and design discussion for Project 1

Tue Feb 23 2010
  • Big picture
  • Python state capture

Thu Feb 18 2010
  • Paper discussion

Tue Feb 16 2010
  • Analysis overview

Thu Feb 11 2010
  • Execution analysis
  • Paper 1: Multiplexed State Saving For Bounded Rollback (1997) by Fabian Gomes, Brian Unger, John Cleary, Steve FranksProc. 1997 Winter Simulation Conference (CiteSeerPDF)
Tue Feb 9 2010
  • Discussion of state capture in Twerp
    • Example execution recorder developed in class see the Project 1 page for the code.

Thu Feb 4 2010
  • Discussion of interactive debugging

Tue Feb 2 2010
  • Discussion of for and intarray
  • Python questions

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