PL Research Group Seminar

The seminar runs biweekly, with the various members of the group alternating in giving talks. This semester we meet on Thursdays at 2 p.m., in room 310.

Upcoming meetings

 Date  Speaker  Topic (click for abstract)
 20.10.2016 Filip Sieczkowski
 03.11.2016 Dariusz Biernacki
 TBD / date subject to change
 17.11.2016 Marek Materzok
 01.12.2016 Małgorzata Biernacka
 15.12.2016 Klara Zielińska
 05.01.2017 Witold Charatonik
 TBD / date subject to change
 19.01.2017 TBD TBD
 02.02.2017 TBD TBD

Past meetings

 Date  Speaker  Topic (click for abstract)  Materials
 06.10.2016 Piotr Polesiuk
 Environmental Bisimulations for De-limited-Control Operators with Dynamic Prompt Generation 
 20.05.2016 Hans de Nivelle Subsumption Algorithms for Three-Valued Geometric Resolution 
Marek Materzok
Certyfikowane odcukrzanie JavaScriptu slides
 29.01.2016  Jan Stolarek, Politechnika Łódzka Różnowartościowe rodziny typów w języku Haskell  
 22.04.2015  Alan Schmitt, Inria Rennes JSCert, a two-pronged approach to JavaScript formalization  
 11.04.2014  Andres Aristizabal  
 04.04.2014    Piotr Witkowski   Two variable logic with counting and trees -- decidability and applications  
 14.03.2014 Piotr Polesiuk  Strong normalization of System F-bounded:
a proof by coercion translation to System F
 27.02.2014 Filip Sieczkowski  Modelling Semantics of Types in Coq
 27.02.2014 Maciej Piróg  A Semantics of Coinductive Programs with Effects  
 25.02.2014 Filip Sieczkowski  A Separation Logic for Fictional Sequential Consistency  
 10.01.2014   Wojciech Jedynak    A formal study of the Tactic Language of the Coq Proof Assistant
06.12.2013  Hans de Nivelle  Theorem Proving in PCL  slides
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