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Seminarium Sieci Neuronowe i Statystyka 2018

Course Rules

  • You are allowed two absences for any reason
  • You will have to prepare 2 presentations on the selected topics, each about 30-45 min 
  • I want quality presentations:
    • You need to send me materials at least two days in advance (the seminar is on Friday, so please submit the materials by Wednesday morning). These can be slides or a detailed summary.
    • If you fail to submit the materials I will cut your grade for this presentation by 1 point.
    • I will give you feedback on the materials.
  • You can change your presentation topic or date, but please discuss this with me at least 2 weeks in advance. If you change dates, try to find someone to replace you.
Please use the alias jch+snn at cs.uni.wroc.pl to send me email about the course.

Topic Selection

Please use the GoogleDoc link received by email to assign your name to topics. If you don't have the link, please email me.


Please use SKOS.