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Hirak Sarkar


I am a second year computer science Ph.D student in Stony Brook University living in Long Island from Fall'2014. Before joining here I was at NUS and IIT Kharagpur for a brief stint. I graduated from Indian Statistical Institute in 2013. I did my undergraduate from Kalyani Govt. Engineering College, situated near a beautiful suburban place Kalyani in West Bengal.
I used to work on Algorithms and Graph Theory. Now I work on Statistical Modelling of Biological Data with a special interest in RNA-seq data, (Assembly and Quantification) with my awesome supervisor professor Rob Patro. We are spinning off our new Computation Biology lab (COMBINE-lab) at Stony Brook University. My Erdos Number is 3 calculated from here.


[February 2016] Released RapMap
[March 2016] Released RapClust
[May 2016] This summer (2016)  I got the opportunity to work at Simons Center for Quantitative Biology, Cold Spring Harbor Lab under the supervision of Prof. Adam Siepel
[August 2016] I am a visiting student at CSHL now.  
[August 2016] Cleared my RPE, Honored to have Prof Mike Schatz, Prof Adam Siepel and my supervisor Prof. Robert Patro on my committee. My RPE-slides.
[November 2016] Released Quark, Preprint available here


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