Weekly Contest

Fall 2010:

Every week we will try to hold a contest consisting of never-seen-before problems with varying difficulties. At the beginning of each week Problem statements and example input will be uploaded to the Problems page. Anyone at anytime is free to join in on the Contest. The contest, although stated weekly, implies that you will have a week to complete the problems, the contest is accumulative over the semester.

These are the rules for the contest:
  1. You can only be in the top three if you participated in at least half of the weekly contests.
  2. Participants who assist in writing a given problem statement will not receive a score for any solutions.
  3. You have an entire week to solve and submit your solution.
  4. For every incorrect solution a single point will be deducted from your final problem score.
  5. The final problem score will never be less then 3 with a correct solution.
  6. The initial score for a problem will be between 5 and 20 points based on its difficulty.
  7. Plagiarizing in any way will automatically suspend you from the competition for the rest of the semester. If plagiarism is suspected the people involved will be warned first and their solutions may be ignored for that problem.

Cheat Sheets:

Cheat Sheet code found on this Site is allowed to be used in solution, since it is accessible during actual competitions.


The acceptable languages for problem solutions are Java and C. Every version of java will be supported. The C source is expected to be written for the Linux environment Kubuntu (Karmic)


The Problem page will contain a row for each problem. There will be several columns:
  1. Name = The unique name of the problem
  2. File name = The file name of the source (either *.java or *.c)
  3. Score = The maximum number of earn-able points, obtainable by a single correct solution.
  4. Time Limit = The maximum number of seconds a single input case will be allowed to run.
  5. Problem = The problem statement as a txt/pdf/doc file.
  6. Input = Example input as a text (*.in) file.
  7. Output = Expected output for example input as a text (*.out) file.

Problems will be named uniquely in the format 'week#'-'problem#', so 3-2 is the 2nd problem in week 3.


A scoreboard will be kept where each row is a participant and every column is a problem. This is how the cells will be marked:
  • No solution submitted - 'empty'
  • No correct solution submitted - '0'
  • Correct solution submitted - 'score'

Submitting Solutions:

Solutions must be submitted by email to the address progteamcontest@cs.ship.edu. The subject of the email must be "Weekly Contest" followed by the name of the problem. The email should only have a single source file attached with the appropriate file name. 

Incorrect Solutions:

When a solution submitted is incorrect the submitter will receive one of the following messages via email:
  • run-time error = An error has occurred at run-time and has ceased execution of solution.
  • time-limit exceeded = The maximum allotted time for a solution to solve a given input has been exceeded.
  • format error = The output appears to be right but there are a few unimportant characters missing/added. This rarely might be used if judge would rather call it a wrong answer.
  • wrong answer = It's just plain old wrong for any given input.
Correct Solutions:

When a solution is determined by a judge to be correct the submitter will be notified via email. The email will reassure the solutions correctness and have the number of points earned for the solution. The scoreboard will be updated as soon as possible.