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About Us:

What is the Shippensburg University Programming Team?
  • A group of students who :
    • Enjoy puzzles and win in competitions where speed in solving problems is key.
    • Aspire to be able to tackle any problem in their chosen field of work.
    • Just want to have fun while learning from each other.
When and where does the team meet?
  • We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00pm to 5:00pm in the MCT room 165.
Who's allowed to join?
  • Ladies and gentleman of all ages and majors who desire to participate in what we do! (and who want to be COOL!)
What will I gain from participating in the team?
  • Improve problem solving skills that will benefit you in your classes and future jobs.
  • Develop team skills by taking on various roles in a programming team.
  • Increase your attention to detail as that is one key to solving problems effectively.
  • Learn to categorize problems so solving them is as simple as knowing a couple generic solutions.

Problems that we work on during meetings will be uploaded (as often as possible) along with our solutions and test input.
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